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Army Men- World War - Team Assault

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Mission 1:
Once you have started a campaign game on mission 1, run up to the guard and knife him. Then, run up to the sign with your team member and shoot the barrels. You will get one M-16 Rifle and three Grenade pick-ups. Once that is done, you have a chance to go left or right.

If you go left, you must take cover. Leave your team member back at the sign -- you will need him later. Run up to the log and dive for cover. Keep moving until a few guards run up to you and shoot them. There is one behind the tent and another at the far back of the small camp. Once you have killed everyone at the small camp, go back until you find a small trail near where you began (at the small camp). Follow the trail until you get to a sign which reads mines or land mines. Destroy the barrel, which contains a Mine Sweeper. Use it and pass the mines. Then, shoot the guard to the far left, then go for cover. Wait until your team member approaches to the left, which you will need to move.

If you went to the right, once your other guard has gone to the left, he is now waiting for the other one to come up the right way. Be careful -- there is one guard at the very small tent to the right. Once you have killed him, run all the way until you get to a jeep with a .50 caliber machine gun on it. Both of your team members are now at the same spot. Have one of the team members blow up the barrels to get a Repair Kit/ Make sure that you choose the correct men for the Repair Kit. If you do not, you will not get to ride the jeep. One you have picked up the Repair Kit with the right man, you will need to repair it. Then, move both of your men near the jeep. You can ride the jeep to the end of the level. Once you reach the bridge, have both of your team members cross it to end the level. Note: Doing all of this will not let you have any other weapons on the next level except for your knife and M-16.

Mission 10:
When you get past the tank half, kill the men around. The men in the bunkers will shoot at you, Wait until they stop then run up to them very fast and shoot them. Blow up the boxes around there and you will find a machine gun. Move to the area around the bridge and kill the troops located there. Blow up the boxes up around there. The man with the machine gun needs the mine detector. Have him go to the left and get close enough for them to shoot at you but not hit you. Take out his machine gun and shoot at the bunkers. You will hear them getting killed. Then, detect all the mines and get your other man. You can now get across the bridge.

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