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Alundra 2

Playstation Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Easy Money:
One easy, but repetitive way to get money is to go to an area with lots of monsters. Every time you kill them, they leave some coins. When you leave the area and re-enter, the monsters are there again for you to kill (like in Zelda games). It will take a long time and lots of patience, but its worth it.

Puzzle piece locations
Here is a list of all 60 puzzle Pieces found through out the game in the levels and in the mini games.
Mt Sparrowhawk 1
Bombed Paco Village 1
Kindra Forest 3
Tortuga Beach 1
Toroledo 4
Ox Tank 5
Howling Cave 1
Dun Webb 4
Yagin Harbour 1
Puerto Medusa 4
Milenas Mansion 4
Gwaba Town 5
Seagull Ruins 5
Eden 1
Eden Ruins 5
Paco Village Ruins 1
Church Of The Key 3
Turnkey Dam 1
Mount Fiedrake 1
Dragonia 3
Varuna Ruins 3
Star Key 3

Exact Location of Puzzle Pieces
1) Kindra Forest along the path Prunewell came out from
2) Mt Sparrowhawk Alexia gives you one
3) Paco Village Bombed explore the debris
4) Tortuga Beach along the wooden veranda
5) Toroledo from the Cow Princess
6) Toroledo in the back of the Inn
7) Toroledo by Lord Jeehans shrine
8) Ox Tank in piston room
9) Ox tank in upper level with flamethrowing Mephistoids
10) Ox Tank in the bushes outside
11) Dun Webb over the pit by the first save point
12) Dun Webb conveyor belt room
13) Dun Webb in the elevator shaft behind the green door
14) Puerto Medusa Gold Badge Testing Centre first room
15) Puerto Medusa " " " " next room
16) Milenas Mansion in the garden shed
17) Milenas Mansion two rooms past the Kinokodile
18) Milenas Mansion on the balcony
19) Gwaba Town next door to the store second floor 20) Gwaba Town in Joses House
21) Gwaba Town in Lindas House
22) Puerto Medusa in the Catch The Falling Vase mini game
23) Seagull Ruins solve the fireball launching blue statue puzzle
24) Seagull Ruins in the dungeon with the statue on your head puzzle
25) Seagull Ruins shoot the four invisible lanterns
26) Seagull Ruins in large room with block and bomb puzzle
27) Eden Village in the shed on the island
28) Eden Ruins in dungeon with gold statue and spikes on same platform
29) Eden Ruins next room down in the pit
30) Eden Ruins in the pit drop down from L shaped walkway
31) Eden Ruins in the pit next to the grapes by the gold statue and the crystal puzzle
32) Eden Ruins in the gold statue maze
33) Paco Village behind the doorway on the hill 34) Dog Mini Game behind gold statue
35) RC Car Mini Game in circuit A
36) Gwaba Town in the town hall behind two gold statues
37) Church Of The Key under gold statue
38) Church Of The Key under stone statue in lava river
39) Church Of The Key on a ledge by the trees
40) Mt Firedrake by telepads in a dead end
41) Dragonia in the invisible sentries room
42) Dragonia on the high platform after bomb block corridor
43) Dragonia in the flamethrower puzzle room on the ledge
44) Gwaba Town in Sues House use all your rings here
45) Toroledo in the Bull Waiting area shoot lantern
46) Yagin Harbour in the Inn light the lantern
47) Ox Tank burn the trees down
48) Ox tank shoot the three green crystals
49) OxTank shoot invisible block under the large cannonball
50) Dun Webb enter the top door outside by the rolling balls
51) Seagull Ruins jump down in the pit and light the six lanterns. The pit is located to the far right in a room with gold statues and spinning sentries.
52) Turnkey Dam a Puzzle Piece is hidden behind the entrance
53) Puerto Medusa Gold Badge Testing Centre inside a gold statue
54) Milenas Mansion light the unlit lantern in the bed room
55) Varuna Ruins in room with two green statues and line of torches
56) Varuna Ruins in the room where the chests keep falling down when you kill the creatures its the last chest to fall down
57) Varuna Ruins past the invisible spinning blades on the ledge
58) Star Key south door solve the four switch puzzle
59) Star Key in the room with bomb throwers and statue
60) Star Key jump over the spiked platform from the ladder

Tip: Infinite Gold Coins
In the city of Torledo, go into a house that says villagers home. Go upstairs and go into the room with the guy inside and go to your left until you see a pig. Break the pig to get three gold coins. Return downstairs, then go back up to the same room and you'll see that the pig is there again. Break it and you will have three gold coins again. Repeat this as many times as you want.

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