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Tiger Woods 2001

PS2 Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation 2 Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Distract opponent:
Play in a multi-player game and press X, Triangle, Square or Circle while your opponent is starting his swing.

Red Shirt:
Complete all 21 courses in "Play Now" mode.

Faster CPU turn:
When the CPU hits the ball, press and hold
L1 + Triangle.

Taunt players in multiplayer mode:
When it's your opponents turn then press triangle, square, circle to hear different sounds to taunt your opponent. You can also hold down R1 or R2 while pressing these buttons to hear other taunting sounds.

Fast Mode:
When the computer is playing then hold down triangle and the computer player will speed up.

Long Drives:
Play the PRO level with any golfer. when it's your turn to make the drive, press and hold the up button immediately after striking the ball.

Angry Fan:
When you are in a tournament, as you are in your backswing, hold down X + Triangle + L2 + R1, and after he hits it, a fan will throw things at Tiger. You will find that he will throw different things every time on tee shots.

Game Hint:
To hit a 450 yard drive average hold up on the dirctional pad in the down swing, put ball up in stance, strike ball and imediately afterwards push up on direction pad. my farthest drive is 504 yards but i`ve seen one go 544

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