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Red Faction

PS2 Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation 2 Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

To use the cheats listed below, hold down L1, L2, R1, and R2 to enable cheat mode.

Restore Full Health:
While playing, press Select, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Up, Down, Down, Circle, Circle.

Unlimited Energy:
From the title screen, hold X for 5 seconds then begin a game.

All Weapons:
While playing, press Select, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Square, Square.

BMF location:
In deathmatch: lobby... Go upstairs and grab the rocket launcher, now go to the wall facing the lobby (you're still upstairs) start destroying the wall and you'll make a hole to the roof. Go up and you'll find a BMF!

Secret Roof Location in Lobby Multiplayer Map:
You can actually get up on the roof of the Lobby (where there is the giant skylight) to find a Fusion Rocket Launcher and a Rail Driver, as well as a great sniping spot. To get there, first go up to the second level of the area where you are able to pick up the Rocket Launcher. Next arm that weapon and aim for the corner of the wall where the skylight begins. Fire off rockets to punch a hole into the ceiling and the wall. Continue to fire rockets until you form a small alcove where you can then jump up onto the roof.
When you get there, you can grab a Fusion Rocket Launcher at one end of the skylight, and a Rail Driver at the other end.

Hidden Pit:
In the Deathmatch: Installation XJ5, you can get outside to the pit! here is what you do Grab the rocket launcher and jump down turn left...see the archway above? Blast a hole in the wall below the doorway and start building a tunnel straight to the open window. One might ask why do all this work when you can just go to the archway above and start blasting around the window? Well it doesn't work for some reason...there is like an invisible wall which wont let you pass Once you make the tunnel all the way through, you can look down into the pit below If you drop down, you will always die! Turn to the left or right and blast a hole big enough to jump into (you make the hole on the outside of the wall). Jump into the hole and then make another hole straight in front of you but down a little ways. Now that you have made another hole, jump into it. Make sure the hole isn't to far down or you will die from the fall. Repeat this process until you have reached the bottom of the pit. I must remind you that it is next to impossible to get back up once youre down there.

Secret Rooms:
In the lobby, as you go up any ramp, blow a hole in the wall with a rocket launcher wherever there is writing on the wall. There will be a secret room in each writing spot. there are two flamethrowers, a rail driver, and a fusion rocket launcher.

Secret Fishing Spot:
In story mode in the mines, you will inevitably have to destroy the security vehicle. After you destroy it, you have to get on an elevator. Instead of going to the top look, and you will see a cave entrance. Enter this cave, and you will see a lake with a bunch of fish swimming around. Pull out you r hand-gun and blow up the fishes. There is a pretty good blood effect.

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