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Madden NFL 2002

PS2 Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation 2 Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Instant Super Bowl Berth:
Highlight the Playoff screen. Select your team, but do not hit the X button to select them. You must press R1 and X simultainously in order for the code to work and a cheat buzzer to sound off. Instead of waiting for the buzzer to end, you must press R2 and Triangle simultainiously. You will now be transported to the selection screen where you select the eams/players/stadium involved in the Superbowl.

Easy Onside kicks:
After you score either a field goal or a touchdown, choose the "onside kick" play, while making absolutely sure that you are kicking it to the left. After that, a red arrow will appear. Adjust that arrow so it is lined up to the far left. Kick the ball at around half power, making sure that the ball travels at least 10 yards so there isn't a flag, and the other team should be confused enough for your special teams to pick up the ball and run for a touchdown!

Get the ball first:
First, select Exhibition , Season or Franchise modes under the main screen. Then you must press Start at least 10 seconds before the coin toss begins. Now your team will start off with the ball.

Unlimited Creation Points:
Go to the main menu, after that, highlight the Rosters option. Select edit player. Scroll down the list and choose the football team/player
you want to edit. Then, press the right button to highlight the "Player speed" category, after highlighting that, press x. Now you are able
to maximize all his stats without losing credits!

Bonus team:
At the team selection Screen, Press circle once for the 1960-2000 Superbowl teams to be available. Press circle twice and you should now be able to select the 1975-2000 All-star teams.
Pin your opponent within the 10 yard line on the kickoff:

It seems that on the kickoff if you aim for the corner endzone marker, and if the ball goes out of bounds on the fly within the 10 yard line, instead of an illegal procedure, the computer gets the ball where it went out of bounds, as if you had punted the ball.

Touchdown celebrations:
Hold one of the following button combinations immediately after scoring a touchdown to perform the corresponding touchdown celebration:
Hip thrust Hold L1 + Square

Jump spike Hold L1 + Circle.

Say a prayer Hold L1 + Triangle.

Spike football Hold L1 + X.

Shoulder shake Hold L1 + R1.

Slam dunk Hold L1 + R2.

Top 10 Passers in NFL History:
Try to win a game (Vs. computer or someone else) by only throwing the football. Do not run the ball at anytime( i.e. punt return, kickoff return or offense, or an interception on defense. If you win, the top 10 passers in NFL history will be added to you free agent list in season or franchise mode. They will play for very little money. They make a great addition to any team.

Showtime celebrations:
If you are on a break away run, if you press either R1, R2, L1 or L2 you will do different showtime celebrations.

Unlimited John Madden All Millennium Team:
How to get John Madden All Millennium Team everytime you buy a pack of Madden Cards. First you need all 297 Madden Card. Then pick a Madden Card you don't want like Sugar Buzz and sell all the cards you have for Sugar Buzz and till you have zero for that card. Then start buying Madden Cards, each time you buy a pack of Madden card you will receive a John Madden All Millennium Team. It will not show up in the pack, but you will receive one John Madden All Millennium Team each pack you buy.

Defense off Balance:

When you run out of bounds, if you hold down the no huddle button you can run the offense again without picking a play. It keeps the defense off balance.

Big Kick:
From a kickoff, put the ball as high as possible and as far left as possible. Kick the ball with maximum strength and you should find that you get the ball back, as your player (Waddy usually in the case of GB) will get there first and catch it. Unfortunatly you will be stopped straight away, but you usually start your runs from the 15-35 yard line.

Money Plays: Arizona Cardinals
Offense: Singleback-Normal

Play: WR Fade

This play draws a lot of attention away from Rob Moore's route, which is where all the money's at. Two receivers stack to the right and Michael Pittman runs a little button hook up through the middle. But you'll want to be chucking the ball up to Moore. If he's in single coverage, take a two or three step drop and lob the ball up. Moore has the wheels to run under it and wrestle it away from a defender. This is especially effective if they're blitzing. If (for some reason) Moore is doubled, dump the ball off to Pittman, or roll Plummer out and run to the space vacated to the right.

Offense: I-Form-Normal
Play: Max Protect

This is the touchdown-getter from about the twenty yardline in. As the name suggests, Plummer will have all the time in the world to throw it, unless you are going against some tenacious D-lineman. Both WRs run post routes. Look at Moore on the right side first. He's usually single-covered and he'll get inside the DB and camp for the ball. You can also toss to
Boston on the left, but watch out for the hidden safety ranging over to make a pick. Roll Plummer to the right if throwing to Moore to give yourself more of a chance.

Money Plays: Dallas Cowboys
Offense: I-Form-Normal

Play: Pump N Go

Since the Dallas O-Line is still alright, you'll usually have plenty of time to let this one develop. Snap the ball and immediately fake, freezing the safety and linebackers. Both of the receivers will fake to the inside, then break for the sidelines, usually leaving them in single coverage. If this is the case, loft a ball up and over the corner, leaving the receiver (in this case, usually Ismail to the right) running free down the sidelines.
Even if he's double covered, he will probably have opened up enough room between him and the DB for you to drop a dipsy-do pass into his hands.

Offense: Singleback-Normal
Play: Corners

This is a great deep passing play. Both of your key receivers run a kinked post to the outside. The third receiver (in this case McGarrity) runs a fly pattern, peeling a DB or safety away from the route to the left.
The tight end also runs a fly route, drawing the safety from the right sideline. So everyone's in single coverage, basically. Choose the receiver who is the most open. Often, McGarrity will be running free through the zone. Zip it out to him or wait until the receivers make their cuts and drop a ball in.

Offense: I-Form-Normal
Play: HB Sweep

Dallas locks up the right side of the field quite nicely on this outside run play. Normally, Emmitt is not a great outside runner, but in this game he can get an easy ten yards almost every time. Wait for the fullback to run out and pick up his block, then scoot behind him and cut the play up the sideline.

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