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Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec

PS2 Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation 2 Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Unlock Professional mode:
Go to arcade mode and highlight the "Hard" difficulty selection . Hold L1 + R1 until it changes to "Professional".

Obtaining F1 Racecars:
Get as many F1 racecars as you want by entering/winning endurance races, as you can win prize cars from these endurance races an unlimited amount of times. Press X to select a prize car when the black circle is under the car you want.

Rocket Car:
Achieve all gold on beginner, amateur, and professional.

Faster Shelby GT350:
If so go to a race with "FREE" as an HP setting. Then go to SETTINGS and click L1 or Part Settings. Go to Brakes and change it to 1 Level 15 Level. Then go to Gears go down to the bottom and change the last number to 25. Finally go to others and change the numbers to these: LSD Inital 1 LSD Acceleration 36 LSD Deceleration 16 ASCC 74 TSCC 2

Easy Win:
Earn up some credits to by a car thats $50,000 or more then buy a turbo kit 4 or N/A tune up 3 and install that. Now make sure your transmission is geared right so it can use all that power. After all that, go to the endurance races and race on the super speed way course (150 mile challenge). Race on that course until you get the formula 1. The F1 is the best car(s) in the game. The 150 mile challenge will take 1 hour to beat but the competition is weak, you can beat the race easily if you have the time. Just make sure you have the proper license.

Pull Wheelies:
If you want to have fun with a car with over 950hp and racing modifications. You can gain speeds in excess of 800mph. Examples of cars used are the Escudo Pikes Peak, Camaro Race Car, and GT-One Race Car. Here are the steps. 1.Equip the highest possible turbo or NA tune stage possible. 2.Decrease spring rate to smallest possible value on both front and rear. 3.Decrease ride height to smallest possible value on both front and rear. 4.Set gear ratio's auto setting to highest possible level. 5.Set gear ratio's final gear to about 3.000 6.Decrease front downforce to the lowest and increase rear downforce to the highest possible value. 7.Set ASM and TCS to level 0 Now go out on the test coure and when u reach about 230mph your car will begin to catch some air.

Get 1835 HP:
To get a car with around 1,835 horse power, get the Suzuki rally car and put a turbo stage 4 on it. With the correct gear ratio it should go around 280 mph.

Get F094/s:
If you're just starting, buy a good car and raise enough money for a TVR speed 6. Win the Tuscan Challenge(professional) and save the game if you get the Speed 12. Then, win the Polyphony cup(professional) with the stock Speed 12. One of the four prizes is the F094/s, the best overall car in the game.

Easy HP:
Once you bye or win a car befroe you race or do any modifications go to GT auto and perform a oil change and a car was. This will add any where from 5 to 40+ HP.Quick and easy

Easy Money:
Go buy a Skyline R34 VSPEC II and buy stage 4 turbo kit, tires, lighten the car as much as possible, and a better suspension and go race the GT Emblem in amateur and with the right skills you should be able to control the Skyline very well. Race at Leguna Seca, its only 3 laps so tires dont wear out and the 1st place prize is $30,000 and don't worry about losing, your opponents drive stock Skylines.

Easy Money (2):
When starting out, buy a car which goes at least 145mph, added a turbo kit 2 or greater. Go to beginner league and enter the gt champion ship (10 races) Go to the super speed way and keep winning until you've reached about 200,000cr, Then go to car dealers and to lotus, and buy the best car for 113,000. Then equip it with turbo and go to the 150 mile track, beat it twice, You should get the corvette on the second time, Add a N/A Tune up 3 to it, it should be over 1000hp and go about 240mph Now go to the 150 mile track, and win 2 more times, it won't take long cause it will only take 40 minutes to beat the course. Get the F1 Formula car, and and win the 150 mile race over and over, with the F090 it won't take more then 30 minutes to beat. Keep winning, and selling the double cars. This cheat works

Faster than the Speed of Sound:
When pulling the wheelie code using the Escudo Pikes Peak version the car can go over 800 Mph as stated before, but I have reached a speed of " 1541.6 !! " Mph.(basically mach 2!). In order to do this trick use the settings in the 1.Equip highest turbo. 2.Set spring rate to smallest for front and rear. 3.Set ride height to smallest for front and rear. 4.Set gear ratio's auto setting to highest possible level. 5.Set gear ratio's final gear to 3.000 6.Set front downforce to lowest and rear downforce to highest 7.Set ASM and TCS to level 0 as you might have already known. Then when going to the test track go the reverse way around and stop just over half way through the first turn. Floor it and try to make it out of the turn at at least 240 Mph. If done correctly, by the end of the straight away congratulations, you have just doubled the speed of sound!!

Get the car you want in a series race:
First you have to go to a series race and get all first place until the last race. When it says Race #9 or whatever the last race is results save your game then go into the race and quit it. It will ask you "Quit Race?" go yes then go next. You will get your prize money and then you can get your car. If it's not the one you want then go back to the main menu and re-load your game. Keep doing this until you get the car you want.

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