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Gran Turismo 3

PS2 Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation 2 Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Unlock Camaro SS: Finish first in all three races of the Stars & Stripes event.

Unlock CR-X Del-Sol: Finish first in all three races of Race of the NA Sports.

Unlock Mazda MX-5 Miata LS: Finish first in all three races of the Spider & Roadster event.

Unlock Skyline GT-R Vspec II: Obtain a Gold Medal in the Gran Turismo World Championship Series.

Unlock Mini Cooper: Finish first in all three races of the Lightweight Cup.

Quick Horsepower Boost: Get an oil change as soon as you buy/acquire a car to raise its horsepower.

Unlock Toyota Sprinter Truendo GT-Apex: Obtain a Gold Medal in each of the three races of the Sunday Cup.

Unlock Mazda MX-5 Miata: Obtain a Gold Medal in each of the three races of the Clubman Cup.

Unlock Nissan Silvia K's: Finish first in all three races of the FR Challenge.

Unlock Mazda RX-7 INFINI III: Finish first in all three races of the 80's Sports Car Cup.

Unlock Mira TR-XX Avanzato: Finish first in all three races of the Turbo: Race of Turbo Sports Series.

Unlock Alto Works Suzuki Sports Limited: Finish first in all three races of the 4WD Challenge.

Rocket Car: Get all golds on beginner, amateur, and professional.

Trunk load of cash: (You will need two memory cards to operate this function successfully. Save A car on both memory cards and transfer one car into the other.

YZFR1 Motorbike: To get this bike type L1, R1, R3 (Analog Button, press in), R2, then x+x+triangle at the car selection menu on arcade mode.

Beat races the easy way: Earn up some credits to by a car thats $50,000 or more then buy a turbo kit 4 or N/A tune up 3 and install that. Now make sure your transmission is geared right so it can use all that power. After all that, go to the endurance races and race on the super speed way course (150 mile challenge). Race on that course until you get the formula 1. The F1 is the best car(s) in the game. The 150 mile challenge will take 1 hour to beat but the competition is weak, you can beat the race easily if you have the time. Just make sure you have the proper license.

Wanna Pull A Wheelie? This works and don't overlook it. If you want to have fun with a car with over 950hp and racing modifications. You can gain speeds in excess of 800mph. Examples of cars used are the Escudo Pikes Peak, Camaro Race Car, and GT-One Race Car. Here are the steps.
1.Equip the highest possible turbo or NA tune stage possible.
2.Decrease spring rate to smallest possible value on both front and rear.
3.Decrease ride height to smallest possible value on both front and rear.
4.Set gear ratio's auto setting to highest possible level.
5.Set gear ratio's final gear to about 3.000
6.Decrease front downforce to the lowest and increase rear downforce to the highest possible value.
7.Set ASM and TCS to level 0
Now go out on the test coure and when u reach about 230mph your car will begin to catch some air.

1835 hp:
To get a car with About 1,835 horse power, get the Suzuki rally car and put a turbo stage 4 on it. With the correct gear ratio it should go around 280 mph

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