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Final Fantasy X

PS2 Hints & Cheat Codes

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PlayStation 2 Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

How to Use Passwords:
Enter the below passwords to access hidden locations by by using the 'Input' feature found in the airship command list. All password codes are case-sensitive.

Password GODHAND:
The password GODHAND will open up the ravine below Mushroom Rock Road. Rikky's legendary weapon is in the chest at the top of the area.

The password VICTORIOUS will open a secret location in the ruins in Besaid. TO get to it climb up the tree branch to find Rikku's victorious. This armor nullifies three types of elemental attacks.

Password MURASAME:
The password MURASAME will open another secret location in the ruins in Besaid. To get to it you have to cross the platform to find Auron's murasame. This item enables you to use the one MP cost ability.

Get Anima:
First you have to go get the 5 destruction shpere treasures. Then go to Zanarkand Dome and do the new puzzle then go and get that destruction sphere and put it in the screen shere slot. Go to the Baaj temple beat Gengeoso and go in the door under water. Go up to the 6 statues then it will open. If you don't have them all than which ever statue/statues aren't lit go back to the temple you missed. The order is the top right Besaid, the middle right is Djose, the bottom right is Killika, the top left is Bevelle the middle left is Macalinia, and the bottom left one is Zanarkand.

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