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World of Warcraft

PC Games Hints & Cheat Codes

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PC Games Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

World of Warcraft Terms & Acronyms

  • Add: Additional NPCs for the party to fight, usually unexpected or undesired.
  • AFK: Away From Keyboard.
  • Aggro: To have aggro means that the enemy mobs are focused on the player.
  • AoE: Area of effect, a spell or item that deals damage to a given area.
  • BoE: Binds on Equip - An item that becomes soulbound when equipped.
  • BoU: Binds on Use - An item that becomes soulbound when used.
  • BoP: Binds on Pick-up - An item that becomes soulbound when picked up.
  • CC: Crowd Control - spell effects and abilities that limit enemies from performing actions, e.g. Mind Control, Shackle, Sap, Seduce.
  • DoT: Damage Over Time - spell or ability that deals damage every N seconds, e.g. Poison
  • DPS: Damage Per Second - how much damage a weapon can deal per second on average.
  • Kite: Kiting an enemy means to aggro the enemy and lead him away from the party, often this is done by hunters who can feign death and escape.
  • LFG: Looking for Group.
  • LFM: Looking for More.
  • MC: Mind Control - spell effect that takes control of an enemy
  • ML: Master Looter. the person that is designated to loot all items from any kills
  • MOB: A mob is an NPC.
  • MT: Main Tank. The main player responsible for keeping the aggro of the enemy away from other party members.
  • Mule: A player that is designated to carry BoE items until the end of a raid.
  • Ninja: A ninja is a player that loots an item they are not supposed to loot, many groups use ML to avoid ninjas.
  • OOM: Out Of Mana
  • PST: Please Send Tell.
  • PvE: Player vs Environment.
  • PvP: Player versus Player.
  • WTB: Want to Buy.
  • WTS: Want to Sell.
  • WTT: Want to Trade.

Scholomance Hints & Tips

Killing Summoners:
Make sure you have someone in your party that can MC (Mind Control). Use MC on the summoner, and let the other enemies take it out, works extremely well when there are two enemies to attack it. For situations where there is only one other enemy, you may need to bring the summoner to the stairs to prevent it from aggro\'ing the entire room.

Warlock Hints & Tips

How to Solo Elites: High level warlocks can use Curse of Doom and Fear to solo high level elites, such as the Demons in the Winterspring Gorge, or the Undead in the Eastern Plaguelands guarding the towers.

  1. Cast Curse of Doom on the target
  2. Cast Fear
  3. Mana up with Dark Pact
  4. Repeat until the target is dead. Note: to speed things up you may want to use your wand and cast Corruption and Siphon Life.

Hunter Hints & Tricks

Taming a New Pet: Use a trap to immobilize your target before you start to tame it. You can also use items such as sticky glue, nets, etc.

Miscellanious Hints & Tips

Unlimited Storage Space
Ok, instead of buying extra space at the Vault (10 Silver), you can take advantage of the auction/mail system.

  1. Put the item you want to store up for auction at a very high price (something no one will buy)
  2. Set the time of the auction to 2 hours
  3. Just wait, no one should bid on the item and it\'ll be stored in your mail box, accessible from anywhere.
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