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Total Annihilation- Kingdoms

PC Games Hints & Cheat Codes

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PC Games Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

After starting a skirmish game or multiplayer mode press [Enter] to pop up 
the message box. Press + then enter a code below and press [Enter] to activate 
it. Enter a code again to deactivate it.

Code - Result
atm - Fill Mana
bigbrother - Units Say Different Lines
cdstart - Start/Stop Music
combustion - Enemies Die
dither - Dithering Instead of Line of Sight
doubleshot - Weapons do Double Damage
fogcolor 1-256 - Change Fog Color
halfshot - Weapons do Half Damage
ilose - Instant Loss
infrared - Fog of War On/Off
iwin - Instant Win
kill 0-4 - Kill Player #
lotsablood - More Blood
lushee - Limited Resource Increase
meteor - Random Meteor Shower
nanolathing - Nanolathing and Metal Using Doubled
noenergy - No Energy
nometal - No Metal
nowisee - Full Map
radar - 100% Radar Coverage
shareradar - Share Radar Info
shootall - Units Target All Enemies
sing - Units Sing when Given Orders
tilt - Maximum Men and Material
view 0-4 - View Player# Metal and Energy
zipper - Faster Unit Building

Select Any Mission:
After clicking on the Single Player icon type in drdeath at the one player 
game screen. You will now see a Cavedog Entertainment bone between load game 
and previous menu. Click it to select mission.

How to use Multiple Dragons:
You must play as Aramon. Use the Monarch to kill another sides build unit such 
as a shamen, then resurect him from the dead and use him to build that sides 
dragon. Possible to have all four dragons. May only work in Skirmish mode.

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