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PC Games Hints & Cheat Codes

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PC Games Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Alternate ending sequence:
Complete the game with Mint and Rue. An alternate ending to the game will appear after it has been completed with both characters.

Defeating Rod:
When you pay the 100G to fight him, run behind the small house on the left side of the field -- this is your safety shield. You must always keep yourself and Rod separated by the house. You can strike him with by pressing X (w/ Rue), but he can only hit you with one move which he uses very sparingly. Keep pounding him from behind the house until you win. Afterwards, collect your 1000G award from him. If you are using Mint, hit him with magic through the house.

If you fight and defeat Rod of the Blade Star enough times when he has Silver Breeze or the Golden Gale, he will say he will take a break to develop a new weapon, and along with the usual 1000G, he will give you a gold coin. Defeat him enough times when he has the Black Tornado, and you will receive a platinum coin. If you defeat him enough times when he has the Dark Hurricane, you will get another platinum coin. Any fight after that, he will reveal his stats and a different music piece from the game will play.

Defeating First Valen:
Note: This only works with Rue. Make sure you can turn into Jinn when you fight Valen. Turn into him when he finishes talking, and kill his little henchmonster with the Jinn's regular attack. Then, move near Valen (in Claire's body) and use the Jinn's Sonic attack, which will home in on Valen/Claire. If he summons his henchmonster again, kill it with regular attacks. Keep repeating this until Valen is defeated. Note: The henchmonster's Earthquake Jump will not affect you when you are a Jinn.

Defeating Second Valen:
As Mint, to use Valiant, wait until Valen is an air animal. Just as he focuses on you, put on your Valiant, let him hit it, then fire. Repeat as needed.

As Rue, wait until Valen is an air animal then attack. The rest of the time, run and block. Repeat this as needed.

Defeating the Skull:
When you are running up the stairs away from the Skull boss, run on the inside. You will get a couple levels ahead of him. Jump off and back on the staircase to avoid the spike balls.

Legendary sword, shield, and helmet:
Once you get all three legendary items, do not sell them. Take them to Jargen's tavern (in the alley to the right of Tonio's shop). He will ask you to give theme to him. Accept his offer. When you go back and he asks if you want a drink, there will be a new option called "Today's Special". Select it and he will ask for the ingredients (monsters). If you have them, give them to him and he will make a "Monster" dish. These foods will raise stats.

Get a silver coin:
You can race Klaues' daughter when you are looking for her parents. If you defeat her, she will give you a silver coin.

Using Mint, go to Gamul Forest. With the cart, try to get on the tracks that lead you to the pink treasure box. This may require you to hit the switch. When you get to it, you should receive a Brooch. After you get back to the town of Carona, go to Jargen's tavern. Talk to Annette twice, and if you give the Brooch to her, she will give you a discount on the drinks.

Rare wine:
Give the wine to Hobbs and you will get a drastic price cut on the power ups.

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