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Star Trek Generations- Birth of the Federation

PC Games Hints & Cheat Codes

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PC Games Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

To activate the cheats
Start the game from a command line with "-Mudd" ("M" is capitalized) as and additional parameter. (e.g C:BOTFTrek.exe -Mudd)

Code Result:
F9 - Adds 100% to Overall Research

F10 - Gives 10,000 Credits

F11 - Reveal Map on/off

To view in-game event screens
Start the game from a command line with the following additional parameter:

-bones = View slides that appear when you form an alliance.

-gorn = View slides that appear when you lose the game.

-kirk = View slides that appear when you destroy a planet.

-picard = View slides that appear when you dominate the galaxy.

As the pod racers say (oops, wrong universe), "Run what ya brung." In other words, never jam a square peg into a round hole: Don't try to turn the Klingons into diplomats or make the Ferengi warriors.

Expand first, fight later. Don't dump a lot of credits into your navy until you have contacted at least two races. Build your infrastructure first.

Dilithium is a key material. Fight hard for any
system that contains it.

Shipyards extend your reach. A vessel's range is calculated from the nearest shipyard. So build shipyards on the outlying planets in order to explore/conquer further.

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