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Soldier of Fortune

PC Games Hints & Cheat Codes

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PC Games Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Enter these at the console. To get the console, right-click on sof.exe in your 
demo directory and choose "Create shortcut" and then right-click on the 
shortcut you've created and choose "Properties". Change the command line to add 

+set console 1 
It should look something like this when finished:
"c:\....\SOF\sof.exe" +set console 1 
Bring up the console by pressing "~": 

Code	Result	
heretic 	God Mode	
phantom 	Walk Through Walls	
ninja    	Enemies Don't See You	
elbow    	Give Weapons 1-5	
bigelbow	Give Weapons 6-10	
matrix #	Timescale (replace # with 1-10)	

Gimme item_weapon_assault_rifle = SMG 
Gimme item_weapon_pistol = 9mm 
Gimme item_weapon_pistol2 = .44 
Gimme item_weapon_rocketlauncher = Rocket Launcher 
Gimme item_weapon_sniper_rifle = Sniper Rifle 
Gimme item_weapon_shotgun = Combat Shotgun 

Gimme item_ammo_knife = Combat Knives 
Gimme item_ammo_auto = SMG Ammo 
Gimme item_ammo_pistol = 9mm Ammo 
Gimme item_ammo_pistol2 = .44 Ammo 
Gimme item_ammo_rocket = Rocket Launcher Ammo 
Gimme item_ammo_shotgun = Combat Shotgun Ammo 

Gimme item_equip_armor = Body Armor 
Gimme item_equip_c4 = C4 explosive 
Gimme item_equip_flashpack = Flashbangs 
Gimme item_equip_grenade = Frag Grenades 
Gimme item_equip_light_goggles = NVG 
Gimme item_equip_claymore = Claymore Mines 

YC = Models from the Subway Level 
AFR = Models from the Train Level 
SIB = Models from the Siberia Level

Gimme m_nyc_mpunk = Mohawk punk 
Gimme m_nyc_mskinhead1 = Skinhead 
Gimme m_nyc_mskinhead2a = Skinhead 
Gimme m_nyc_mswat = SWAT Guy 
Gimme m_nyc_mswatleader = SWAT Leader 
Gimme m_nyc_mpoliticion = Politician 
Gimme m_nyc_m_x_mmerc = N/A 
Gimme m_nyc_m_x_mcharacter = John Mullins 
Gimme m_nyc_m_x_mskinboss = N/A 
Gimme m_nyc_ebum = Bum Civilian 
Gimme m_nyc_estockbroker = Stockbroker Civilian 
Gimme m_nyc_etourist = Tourist Civilian 
Gimme m_afr_msoldier1a = African Soldier 
Gimme m_afr_msoldier1b = African Soldier 
Gimme m_afr_msoldier2 = African Soldier 
Gimme m_afr_msniper = African Soldier 
Gimme m_afr_m_x_mcharacter = John Mullins 
Gimme m_cas_mraider1 = Special Operations, w/HMG 
Gimme m_sib_mguard4 = Siberian Guard, w/SMG 
Gimme misc_bosnia_truck_old = Truck 
Gimme m_afr_m_x_chopper_green = Chopper 

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