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Sim Earth

PC Games Hints & Cheat Codes

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PC Games Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

SimEarth-Awesome World: Do you want Mars or Venus but don't want the annoying 
task involved with keeping it? Just enter the scenario, save, and quit. 
Restart SimEarth and load your planet.

SimEarth-Carnifern Mania: How in the heck do you get carniferns? All you 
have to do is plant an enormous amount of insects and vioula! Within seconds 
a crop of carniferns will spring up!

SimEarth-Easter Egg Codes: Try typing in these codes during the simulation:

SMOOTH = Smoothes the coasts of your planet's continents.
joke = Type this when the Gaia window is in view. His face will be in a frying pan!

SimEarth-Robots!: There is another class of life that is not explained in the 
manual! It is the robot! Robots are able to survive everywhere, including on 
rock, arctic, and ocean! Robots can evolve sentience, too, but because they are
already so advanced, they will not be able to have stone age, bronze age, or 
iron age cities! They will begin civilization at the level of the industrial 
age! To create robots, simply place one nanotech city of any life form and set 
an atomic test on it! Robots in the city will escape and live as separate lifeform.

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