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Lords of The Realm 2

PC Games Hints & Cheat Codes

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PC Games Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Lords of the Realm 2
Tip 1:
You should have plenty of archers when attacking any
fortress or on the open-range fights. And whether you
are defending or attacking, keep your archers bunched
together and let them knock out the other troops.
Tip 2:
Don't try to start off with the largest castle or fort.
You'd be surprised at just how many attackers you can
kill with 150 archers stationed inside.
Tip 3:
My favorite structure to fight against is the second-
largest wooden structure. Take about 100 archers or
more and pull them around to the right side of the
fort. There is a little notch where the land protrudes
into the water. Have all of your archers march to that
notch. You can take out all enemy archers or other
troops that attempt to shoot back at you when they get
around the one o'clock position of the fort. Then,
after you have reduced most of the troops there, use
one battering ram to knock down the door.
Tip 4:
Let the other nobles fight among themselves when you
get into the country scenarios. Build your defenses
(forts and castles) and add about 50 troops each year.
Tip 5:
A little ale each time the cart comes around will keep
your population happier. You don't have to keep them
drunk, just happy.
Tip 6:
In battle, flank, flank, flank. Always have a least two
groups of melee troops, one to engage and protect your
archers from the front, and one fast group to go around
and get the opposition's ranged troops.
Tip 7:
Always have your blacksmith working in all your
territories: even a trickle of weapons per turn can
save you when you eventually need to whip up an army
in a hurry. There's nothing worse than facing a surprise
invasion with nothing but pitchforks.
Tip 8:
Always hire mercenaries when you can afford it.
They are more effective, and you don't suffer morale
or manpower problems, unlike an army raised from the
peasant stock you've won.
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