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PC Games Hints & Cheat Codes

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PC Games Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Start the game with the commandline "+developer 1"
(ie: "C:\Kingpin\kingpin.exe" +developer 1)

or set developer 1 to your autoexec.cfg file found in the "/kingpin/main" 

Then use the "`" key to bring down the console during the game and type 
the following codes:

Code				Result
NOCLIP				Clipping Mode
EXTRACRISPY			OnScreen Enemies Catch on Fire
NOTARGET			Enemies Cannot See You

Use the following commands with the GIVE variable: (ie: GIVE ALL, 

Code			Result
ALL			Give All Items (Except Cash)
CASH ###		Gives Money in the Amount of ###
COIL			Gives Coil
WATCH			Gives Watch
BATTERY			Gives Battery
WHISKEY			Gives Whiskey
CHEM_PLANT_KEY		Gives Chemical Plant Key
FUSE			Gives Fuse
SHOP_KEY		Gives Bait-Shop Key
WAREHOUSE_KEY		Gives Warehouse Key
LIZZY HEAD		Gives Lizzy's Head
SHIPYARD_KEY		Gives Shipyard Key
OFFICE_KEY		Gives Moker's Office Key
VALVE			Gives Valve Handle
TICKET			Gives Skytram Ticket
FLASHLIGHT		Gives Flashlight
WEAPONS			Gives All Weapons
AMMO			Gives All Ammo

WEAPON Commands: (use with GIVE variable - ie: GIVE CROWBAR)

Code			Result
CROWBAR			Give Weapon
PISTOL			Give Weapon
SHOTGUN			Give Weapon
TOMMYGUN		Give Weapon
BAZOOKA			Give Weapon
BULLETS ###		Give ### of Bullets
SHELLS ###		Give ### of Shells
308CAL ###		Give ### of 308cal
GRENADES ###		Give ### of Grenades
ROCKETS ###		Give ### of Rockets
GAS ###			Give ### of Gas
SPISTOL			Give Silencer for Handgun
PISTOL RELOAD		Auto-Reload for Handgun

ARMOR Commands: (use with GIVE variable - ie: GIVE HEALTH)

Code			Result
SMALL HEALTH		Gives Small Medical Kit
LARGE HEALTH		Gives Large Medical Kit
ADRENALINE		Gives Adrenaline
HEALTH			Gives Full Health
HELMET ARMOR		Gives Helmet Armor
JACKET ARMOR		Gives Jacket Armor
LEGS ARMOR		Gives Legs Armor
ARMOR			Gives Full Armor

MAP Commands: (use with MAP variable - ie: MAP SR1)

Code			Result
SR1			Skidrow
SEWER			Sewers
SR2			The Super
BAR_SR			Jax
SR3			Mean Streets
SR4			The Jesus
BIKE			Bike
PV_H			Poisonville
BAR_PV			Club Swank
PV_1			Louie's Errand
PV_B			Blanco Industries
PV_BOSS			Nikki Blanco
SY_H			Lizzie's Problem
BAR_SY			Salty Dog
SY1			Pier Pressure
SY2			Das Boot
STEEL1			Steeltown
BAR_ST			Boiler Room
STEEL2			Steel Mill
STEEL3			Steel Processing
STEEL4			Moker Shipping
KPCUT3			Consequences
TY1			Derailed
TY2			Dark Passage
TY3			Trainyards
TY4			Depot
KPCUT4			The Picnic
RC1			Radio City Station
RC2			Enter the Dragons
RC3			Streets of Fire
RC4			Skytram Station
BAR_RC			Typhoon
RC5			Central Towers
RCBOSS1			Crystal Palace East
RCBOSS2			Crystal Palace West
KPCUT7			Outro

How to create limbless foes:

To do it, you must start the game with the developer 1 cheat. During the game, 
whenever you meet anyone, type in extracrispy. Usually this would cause 
everyone to be set on fire, then die and fall down. Now, shoot off whatever 
limbs that you wish to take out. Then, type in extracrispy again. They'll set 
on fire again, but they'll stay alive, with no limbs, but breathing normally.

submitted by: Cookie Monster

Use Quake II Maps in Kingpin
To use the maps of Quake 2 in Kingpin, do the following:

-download a Quake II editor like quark or qped
-load it up and open the pak1.pak in your baseq2 directory
-open the maps folder and right click on the ones you want
-choose export file and save the bsp in you kingpin/main/maps folder
-if you don't have that folder make one, make sure you export the folder 
textures and place them in the kp texture directory

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