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Jedi Knight- Dark Forces 2

PC Games Hints & Cheat Codes

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PC Games Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

During gameplay, press the "T" key to toggle console mode, 
(at top of screen, the word "command" appears) and type in the code.  then press enter to activate it.

1. thereisnotry  (skips you to the next level)
2. whiteflag (followed by a space and  1 or 0, enables/disables artifical
3. deeznuts (increaces the level of your "force")
4. eriamjh  (turns on fly mode)
5. jediwannabe (followed by a space and 1 or 0, turns on/off invulunability) 
6. red5 (all weapons)
7. wamprat (all items)
8. yodajammies (gives you more "mana" or "force energy")
9. raccoonking (uber jedi, gives you all "force" abilitys of light side, dark
side, and neutral side)
10. imayoda (just gives you all force abilitys of the light side)
11. sithlord (just gives you all force abilitys of the dark side)
12. 5858lvr (map will show everything on level)
13. slowmo (followed by a space and a 1 or 0, enable/disable slow motion)
14. warp (warp to another level, haven't got it to work yet)

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