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Hardball 6- 2000 Edition

PC Games Hints & Cheat Codes

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PC Games Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Automatic 10 runs
To get an automatic ten runs, press and hold CTRL T E N at any point during any game.

Big Head Mode
To eneable big head mode, at the beginning of any game press and hold CTRL B H M.

EA programmer team

To enable the EA programmer team, go to the main menu, and press and hold CTRL E A T.

EA Sports Team
To access the EA sports team, press and hold CTRL E A S. You can do this at any menu.

Alien Team Mode
To make your team a team of aliens with messed up names, go to your team stats screen and press and hold CTRL A P M.

All-Star Game of 1996
To play the All-Star game of 96' go to the season menu and press and hold CTRL A S G. Then at the end of the season the exact teams from the 1996 All-Star game will play in an All-Star game. You also get to pick which team you want.

Aluminum Bats
To give your team aluminum bats, go to the Team Stats screen and press an hold CTRL B A T. The good part about these is that you hit the ball very far.

Edit Players
To edit your player's skills, go to their baseball card screen. Click on the stat you want to edit twice, then press and hold CTRL+E+T+L. (Only CTRL E T and L, no commas or plus signs). Then, hit BACKSPACE or DELETE to remove his current stats and then type in a number (1-100) for his new stats.

Gorilla Mode
To make all of your players gorillas for a game, press and hold CTRL A P E at the team stats screen. Gorillas can kill the ball, but they're really slow.

Have Babe Ruth on your team
To get Babe Ruth on your team, play through 25 years of seasons then you will be able to draft Babe Ruth. If you don't get him then you'll have to trade for him. His stats are completely maxed out, and he's better than all of the other players on any team.

Hit a home run every time
To hit a home run, press CTRL H R 1 whenever your batter goes up to bat. Then all you have to do is hit the ball.

Injure the other team's catcher
If you want to injure the opposing team's catcher, try to steal home, and press CTRL I C T while your guy is stealing and you will injure the other team's catcher. There is a slight chance that your runner will be injured too, but that isn't common.

Invisble Players
To make all the players invisible and add some more challenge, press and hold CTRL I P M at the beginning of any game?

Make the other team have 3 outs
To give the other team an instant 3 outs, press and hold CTRL 1 2 3 at any time when they're up to bat.

Edit your players' batting averages
To edit your players' batting averages, go to their baseball card screen and press and hold CTRL E B A.

Give your players amazing speed
TO make your characters be able to hvae a speed atribute of 999, go to their baseball card screen and press and hold CTRL S P D.

Give your players the ability to fly
To give your players the gift of flight, at the start of any game press and hold CTRL F L Y.

Go to the World Series automatically
To get to the World Series without having to win at all, press and hold CTRL W S G. You do that at any time when you're at the main menu (the one with all the team's stats).

Midget Mode
To make all of the players on your team miniature, press and hold CTRL M T M at the beginning of any game.

Never drop a pop-up or line drive
To make everyone on your team never miss a pop-up or a line drive hit around them, at the beginning of a game press and hold CTRL N M P L.

Never get caught stealing
TO never get caught stealing, at the beginning of a game press and hold CTRL A N C S.

Open up secret Tetris game
To unlock a secret Tetris game, go to the Main Menu, and press and hold CTRL T E T. Then a new option will be there called ''Baseball Tetris''. It' just like the normal one, but the shapes are baseball shapes.

Play on the Moon
To open a secret stadium on the Moon called ''Moon Park'' beat the World Series five times on the hardest difficult level without using cheats. Then it will give you a message saying that a new stadium on the moon is available. This is a cool stadium, because the ball goes higher but moves faster, and your players can jump really high.

Skinny Players
To make all of the players beanpoles press and hold CTRL S K N at the beginning of any game.

Strike out batter instantly
To instantly strike out the batter you're pitching, choose a fastball as your pitch (all pitchers can pitch this, so don't worry), then as it travels, press CTRL and S O B. The ump will call it strike three, and the batter won't swing.

Tall players mode
TO make all your players Shaq size, press and hold CTRL T P M at the beginning of any game.

Throw a 150 MPH fastball
To give your pitchers the ability to throw a 150 MPH fastball, choose a fastball as your pitch, then as it travels to the plate press and hold CTRL F S T. After that you'll be able to select that pitch any time with that pitcher. It will be called FASTBALL!

Unlimited Strikes
To have unlimited strikes for your team when they bat, press and hold CTRL N S A at the beginning of any game.

Win the game instantly
To automatically win the game you're in, press and hold CTRL W C G in between any innings.

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