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Dragon Throne- Battle of Red Cliffs

PC Games Hints & Cheat Codes

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PC Games Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Unlimited resources
To get unlimited resources, move your mouse over the resource icon (upper right hand corner) and right click. Every time you right click, you will receive 5000 units on each resource. You don't even need to build or recruit workers to gather these resources. You can even individualize what resource you want to increase. To do that, left click on the same icon to open the window and right click on the resource you want to increase (again, 5000 per click).

Cheat mode
Press [Enter], then type one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Code - Effect
{ineedall} - All items
{ineedswin} - Animals
{ineedhelpme} - Auto-play by CPU
{ineedown} - Disable CPU auto-play
{ineedopenfog} - Disable fog of war
{speed_ex} - Faster game
{ineedclear} - Kills all living things on screen
{levelup} - Level up
{levelmax} - Maximum fighting level for character; still needs full training
{ineedfood} - More food
{ineediron} - More iron
{ineedmeat} - More meat
{skill_ex} - More officers on map
{ineedrice} - More rice
{ineedwine} - More wine
{ineedwood} - More wood
{rain_ex} - Rain in the sky
{ineedsuperpower} - Ruler and highly ranked officers have super powers
{superman_ex} - Selected person is invincible
{screenshot_ex} - Take screenshot
{fps} - View frame rate
{dayandnight_ex} - Toggle day and night
{rain} - Rainy weather
{hlylevelup} - Upgrade laborer carry maximum speed and HP
{ineedopenallstory} - All levels unlocked for all heroes on hard
{birth_ex} - All units in production will be completed automatically
{addspeed_ex} - All units and/or upgrades will be completed faster
{subspeed_ex} - Take speed down by one from anybody
{net} - Unknown
{gale_ex} - Unknown
{screenshot} - Unknown
{nettest_ex} - Unknown
{test_ex} - Unknown
{superscreenshot_ex} - Unknown
{savenet_ex} - Unknown
{valiantscale_ex} - Unknown
{ver} - Unknown
{allmj_ex} - Unknown
{r18} - Unknown
{r19} - Unknown

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