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Deus Ex

PC Games Hints & Cheat Codes

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PC Games Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Edit user.ini in the deusex/system folder and change an empty key binding from (example!) 't=' to 't=talk' (do this for all occurances of 't='). In game, press T to make a line 'Say:' display at the bottom. Delete the word 'Say'. Always type on a blank line.

To activate cheatmode, type in "set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True" without the quotes in the console. Now you may type any of the codes listed below:
Note: If you do not want to type the "set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True" line, you may alternatively add -hax0r to your DeusEx shortcut.

Example: "D:gamesDeus ExSystemDeusEx.exe" -hax0r

ALLAMMO: Refill Ammo

ALLAUGS: All Basic Augmentations

ALLCREDITS: 10,000 Credits

ALLENERGY: Full Energy

ALLHEALTH: Full Health


ALLSKILLPOINTS: Gives All Skill Points

ALLWEAPONS: Give All Weapons

BEHINDVIEW 1/0: Third Person View On/Off

GOD: God Mode


INVISIBLE: Invisibility

LEGEND: Secret Menu

EMP Field INVISIBLE: Invisibility

FLY: Fly Mode

LEGEND: Secret Menu

OPENSESAME: Unlock Targeted Door

SLOMO #: Higher # = Faster Gameplay

SPAWNMASS: Spawn A Mass Of Enemies

SUMMON X #: Summon Item X (See List Below)

TANTALUS: Kill Current Target

WALK: Fly mode off

Summon Objects:
Lockpick, Basketball, MultiTool, AcousticSensor, Ammo10mm, AmmoDart, AmmoDartPoison, AmmoDartFlare, AmmoNapalm, AmmoPlasma, Ammo3006, AmmoRockets, AmmoRocketWP, Ammo20mm, AmmoSabot, WeaponPistol, WeaponRifle, WeaponStealthPistol, WeaponShuriken, WeaponSawedOffShotgun, WeaponProd, WeaponPlasmaRifle, WeaponAssaultShotgun, WeaponFlameThrower, WeaponGasGrenade, WeaponLAM, Weaponmodaccuracy, Weaponmodclip, Weaponmodlaser, Weaponmodrange, Weaponmodrecoil, Weaponmodscope, Weaponmodsilencer, WeaponCombatKnife, WeaponCrowbar, WeaponHideAGun, WeaponAssaultGun, WeaponLAW, WeaponPepperGun, WeaponMiniCrossbow, WeaponSword, WeaponBaton, WeaponNanoSword, WeaponEMPGrenade, WeaponNanoVirusGrenade, Weapongepgun, Weaponmodreload, AugBallistic, AugCloak, AugDatalink, AugEMP, AugEnviro, AugIFF, AugShield, AugStealth, AugTarget, Terrorist, JCDentonMale, PaulDenton, Greasel, Gray, TiffanySavage, NicoletteDuClare, JoeGreene, WaltonSimons, JojoFine, AlexJacobson, JaimeReyes, BobPage, RepairBot, MedicalBot, HazMatSuit, Sodacan, Candybar, Liquor40oz, SoyFood, VialAmbrosia, Rebreather, AdaptiveArmor, Binoculars, BallisticArmor, LiquorBottle, Credits, WineBottle, Cigarettes, MedKit, VialCrack, Flare, FireExtinguisher, Cat, Rat, Mutt, Seagull

Augmentation List:
AugCombat - Combat Strength (Greater Melee Strength - Melee attacks are more damaging)

AugMuscle - Microfibral Muscle (Greater Lifting Strength)

AugBallistic - Ballistic Shield (Protects player from physical projectiles/weapons)

AugShield - Energy Shield (Protects player from energy projectiles/weapons)

AugCloak - Cloak (Concealment from organic entities - guards, soldiers, cops)

AugRadarTrans - Radar Transparency (Concealment from mechanical entities - bots, cameras, turrets etc)

AugHeartlung - Synthetic Heart (Upgrades performance of all augs)

AugPower - Power Recirculator (Reduces power cost of all augmentations)

AugAqualung - Player can swim better

AugHealing - Players healing rate increased AugEnviro - Environmental Resistance

AugEMP - EMP Shield (Protects player from EMP damage)

AugTarget - Targeting (Provides info on target and increases accuracy)

AugVision - Vision Enhancement (see through walls, night vision etc)

AugDefense - Aggresive Defense System (Protects against missiles and grenades)

AugDrone - Spy Drone (player can launch a drone for reconnaisance, disabling cameras and turrets etc)

AugStealth - Player can run silently

AugSpeed - Player can run faster

Augmentationupgradecannister - ///
Warning: Many of the Augmentations occupy the same slot (e.g. if you install the Stealth augmentation, you cannot install the Speed augmentation, and vice versa). So choose wisely. I recommend that you save your game just before using this cheat, then if you are unhappy with your choices, you can always reload your game and start over.

View Cinematics
After enabling the cheats type any of the following to view the cinema:
Open 00_Intro

Open 99_Endgame1

Open 99_Endgame2

Open 99_Endgame3

Open 99_Endgame4

(note: "Open 00_Intro" is the Introduction cinema and the others are each four different endings to Deus Ex) Increase Energy Type "set deusex.jcdentonmale energy 10000" in the console to hypermaximize your energy (allows longer Augmentation use).

In the Vandenberg mission you might enlarge your skill points account:
You will have to power up two generators, one is on level 2 the other outside. You get the code for it from the female scientist on the roof at the beginning of the mission (5868). Any time you type that code at the keypad that secures the generators you will be rewarded with 100 skill points.

You can also bind everything to special keys in the User.ini, e.g.:
H=set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled True I=ShowInventoryWindow J=god I have strong suspicion and urge people to take it seriously that I think the codes involveing "Set Deus.ExJCDentonmale" at the end of this after the space, you can set cheats on and off, and the energy amount. I suspect that it makes an entity call to your charecter your playing, and other codes will stem for this command, I think possibly modual hacks, I am going to try it to set the invisable and god codes and if it does go through that means it is a specific entity call o JCDenton. Wether or not moduals can be removed in this manor is uncertain it depends on if programers made an command to do so.

level skip
After enabling the cheats type any of the following to skip to that level:
Open 00_Intro

Open 00_Training

Open 00_TrainingCombat

Open 00_TrainingFinal


Open 01_NYC_UNATCOIsland

Open 02_NYC_Bar

Open 02_NYC_BatteryPark

Open 02_NYC_FreeClinic

Open 02_NYC_Hotel

Open 02_NYC_Smug

Open 02_NYC_Street

Open 02_NYC_Underground

Open 02_NYC_Warehouse

Open 03_NYC_747

Open 03_NYC_Airfield

Open 03_NYC_AirfieldHeliBase

Open 03_NYC_BatteryPark

Open 03_NYC_BrooklynBridgeStation

Open 03_NYC_Hangar

Open 03_NYC_MolePeople


Open 03_NYC_UNATCOIsland

Open 04_NYC_Bar

Open 04_NYC_BatteryPark

Open 04_NYC_Hotel


Open 04_NYC_Smug

Open 04_NYC_Street


Open 04_NYC_UNATCOIsland

Open 04_NYC_Underground


Open 05_NYC_UNATCOIsland

Open 05_NYC_UNATCOMJ12lab

Open 06_HongKong_Helibase

Open 06_HongKong_MJ12lab

Open 06_HongKong_Storage

Open 06_HongKong_TongBase

Open 06_HongKong_VersaLife

Open 06_HongKong_WanChai_Canal

Open 06_HongKong_WanChai_Garage

Open 06_HongKong_WanChai_Market

Open 06_HongKong_WanChai_Street

Open 06_HongKong_WanChai_Underworld

Open 08_NYC_Bar

Open 08_NYC_FreeClinic

Open 08_NYC_Hotel

Open 08_NYC_Smug

Open 08_NYC_Street

Open 08_NYC_Underground

Open 09_NYC_Dockyard

Open 09_NYC_Graveyard

Open 09_NYC_Ship

Open 09_NYC_ShipBelow

Open 09_NYC_ShipFan

Open 10_Paris_Catacombs

Open 10_Paris_Catacombs_Tunnels

Open 10_Paris_Chateau

Open 10_Paris_Club

Open 10_Paris_Metro

Open 11_Paris_Cathedral

Open 11_Paris_Everett

Open 11_Paris_Underground

Open 12_Vandenberg_Cmd

Open 12_Vandenberg_Computer

Open 12_Vandenberg_Gas

Open 12_Vandenberg_Tunnels

Open 14_OceanLab_Lab

Open 14_Oceanlab_Silo

Open 14_OceanLab_UC

Open 14_Vandenberg_Sub

Open 15_Area51_Bunker

Open 15_Area51_Entrance

Open 15_Area51_Final

Open 15_Area51_Page

Open 99_Endgame1

Open 99_Endgame2

Open 99_Endgame3

Open 99_Endgame4
(note that number is the level number and then the city it is in and then the specific place in the city. For example:
"Open 03_NYC_BatteryPark" is level 3 at Battery Park in New York City.)

In user.ini change tilde= to tilde=type then add -hax0r to the shortcut for the game then, in the game, hit tilde to invoke the command prompt for some cheats for the coolest cheats, go to the credits and type things like:
quotes - Quotes from the programmers at the end of the game

danceparty - The secret 4th ending

thereisnospoon - Matrix mode

huthut - Message bighead Message

iamwarren - Activate Warrens EMP field
If you don't like the message CHEATS ENABLED in your savegames, just repeat the cheats enabling command with the parameter FALSE: set DeusEx.JCDentonMale bCheatsEnabled False
Now save and no annoying messages are captured in the savegame.

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