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Carmageddon 2

PC Games Hints & Cheat Codes

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PC Games Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

To enter cheatmode, slowly write LAPMYLOVEPUMP after the race has begun.
1 or 2 seconds later, the message CHEATMODE: ENABLED should be shown.

[i] = inventory
[t] = temporary powerup
[p] = permanent powerup or bonus
[o] = can be used a certain number of times

To use these codes, press a function-key if it says so, and press any och 
the numbers above the letter-keys, not the keypad ones.

1 Credits [o] 
2 Greased peds [t] 
3 Giant peds [t] 
4 Explosive peds [t] 
5 Hot rod [t] 
6 Turbo peds [t] 
7 God mode [t] 
8 Free repairs [o] 
9 Instant repair [o] 
0 Credits [o] 

Keep SHIFT pressed down
1 Underwater ability [t] 
2 Time bonus 
3 Trash body [o] 
4 Trash engine 
5 Freeze opponents [t] 
6 Freeze cops [t] 
7 Turbo opponents [t]
8 Turbo cops [t] 
9 Lunar gravity [t] 
0 Stop the timer 

Keep CTRL pressed down
1 Drugs [t] 
2 Grip'o'matic tyres [t] 
3 Peds have big heads [t] 
4 Mutant corpses [t] 
5 Jupiter Gravity [t] 
6 Trash body and engine and toss you around [o] 
7 Slow peds [t] 
8 Small peds [t] 
9 Nitros [t] 
0 Rock springs [t] 

Keep ALT pressed down
1 Wall climber [t] 
2 Bouncy [t] 
3 Jelly suspension [t] 
4 Ped shown on map
5 Ped destruction ray [i] 
6 Greased tyres [t] 
7 Damage magnifier [t] 
8 Dumb peds [t] 
9 Fat/round peds [t] 
0 Pinball mode [t] 

Keep CTRL SHIFT pressed down
1 After burners [i] 
2 Mine [i] 
3 Oil slicks [i] 
4 Kangeroo [i] 
5 Ped ray [i] 
6 Car repulsifier [i] 
7 Dismemberfest [t] 
8 Ghost peds [t] 
9 Grooving peds [t] 
0 20,000 credits

Keep ALT SHIFT pressed down
1 Random bonus/effect
2 Instant hand break [t] 
3 Immortal peds [t] 
4 Turbo car [t] 
5 Mega turbo car [t]
6 Dumb peds [t] 
7 Suicidal peds [t] 
8 5 free recovery vouchers 
9 Solid granite car [t] 
0 ACME damage amplifier [t]

Keep ALT CTRL pressed down
1 Helium peds [t] 
2 Drunk peds [t] 
3 Fat/round peds [t] 
4 Stick men [t] 
5 Ped repulsifier [i] 
6 Extra armour [p] 
7 Extra power [p] 
8 Extra offense [p] 
9 Extra armour, power and offence [p] 
0 Ped panic [t] 

Keep SHIFT CTRL ALT pressed down
1 75,000 credits 

All cars in the demo:
Open the data folder. Open GENERAL.TXT. 
Find the line that says "Cars to use as defaults: EAGLE3.TXT". 
Change EAGLE3.TXT to any car you want. The names of the car are located 
in the data/cars folder.

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