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Bud Tucker In Double Trouble

PC Games Hints & Cheat Codes

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PC Games Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Bud Tucker In Double Trouble
solve by Darksheer
You begin in hotel room. Before you do anything else examine matchbox
you have. Open drawer and get a book out of it. Get safety pin, soap
and band aid from the basin. Use soap on window, open window and leave
through window. Talk with baker and pick up blue thing and records. Go
to the street. Go left. Talk with Dave DIY Man. Talk with Vera the
bouncer to find out he will let you in with a tie (you need pretty much
talking with him to find this out...). Now go to the Shifty Spiv and
talk with him - find out he's got ties and offer him an exchange (he will
ask you for a sticky bun). Now enter the baker's shop and use matches
with smoke alarm (its on the ceiling). Now go to the place where baker
was earlier and enter kitchen. Pick up a sticky bun, deliver it to the
Shifty Spiv and go to Vera and hand him a tie. When inside, talk with
bartender and no matter what you say you will end up talking with Lola.
After finding out some things you will get arrested. In the slammer pick
up a bucket and use it with a leaking pipe. When the bucket is full of
water use it on Pansy. Talk with him and eventually you will ask him to
help you escape the slammer and he will open a passage for you. You will
end up at the mall. Go to the Information booth. Talk with Mary Putty
and brain. Exit. Talk with Del E. Gate. Enter Plugs store and talk with
shopkeeper. Now go into music shop, use record player to shut it down and
talk to Dr7. Sell him your record for... 1 coin. Now go to the Plugs and
use coin on photo machine to make photos. Now go to the Dentist' office
and talk with dentist. Grab pliers here. Exit. Go to the Fish shop. Talk
with the shopkeeper about your entering the guild (it may take you awhile
checking all the dialogue tree for the right pattern. You will end with
a net. Exit and enter cafe. Talk with the McD*****'s boy. Use net with
burger chute to catch a burger. Exit and travel to park. Pick up a
newspaper, read it. Talk with Royston and give him a burger. He will
invite you into his palace. Pick up a lobster pot here and talk with
Royston. Exit. Back at the park use band aid on hole in the hose. Use
pliers with standing pipe. Talk with worm. Pick up a teabag lying at
the pedestal of the monument. Now head to the museum. Talk with the
newspaper reader and pick up a string from him. Combine string and
safety pin in your inventory. Enter museum. Pick up roller skates,
use them with curator and get a raincoat. Now return to the information
booth and ask brain about the location of the docks. Go there. Pick up
a chainsaw fish here and back to the park and use it with the branch of
the tree to saw it. Pick up branch and use it with hook&string in your
inventory. Now go back to Docks and talk with the guard. Use ladder to
descend to the boat. Talk with sailor. Ask him about security card and
about joining him. You will have almost everything he needs, besides
your raincoat and fishing rod. Go back to the park and ask worm to make
you a favor.
Travel to the Dave the DIY man and ask him to paint your raincoat in
yellow. Return to sailor and talk with him. He will give you the
security card so you can finally enter the ware- house. Here the
Part One ends.
Talk with Professor until he uses his shooting watch. Now go into air
vent. Crawl left. Go right. Go to the far docks. Use watch with brass
key in the water. Pick up key. Unlock wardrobe and pick up dancing dug
and a pink thingy. Exit screen. Go right and into the 'strange door'.
Here pick up a bottle of hot water. Exit. Go right.
Talk with technicians. Now return to the air vent and crawl all the
way to the right. Examine memo. Enter walkway to the left. Use dancing
dug with Beryl and pick up a key. Unlock a door to Professor. Go to the
south. Enter kitchen. Use pink thingy with painting (its on the hidden
wall to the right of the dumbwaiter). Quickly use bottle of hot water
on the jug. Pick up a radio here and open it to get batteries. Now
return to the room where technicians are and pick up a cassette tape
(it is lying near the machine with levers). Proceed to the left into
the next room. Move painting. Unlock safe with a key, open safe and
pick up a false nose. Now go to the oxygen tank (its in the screen
where you can see a submarine in the distance). Use empty bottle with
it to inflate. Use inflated bottle with submarine to get there. Enter
hatch. Go left. Use button to stop the key. Pick up a key. Exit. Go
into officer's room and read a post-it on the noticeboard (its hard
to spot but you need it) - you will learn a password: "BIG YELLOW
PANTS". Pick up a cassette player here. Combine it with tape and
batteries in your inventory. Exit cabin and go right.
Use computer and enter the password. Now go back to upper deck and
walk back to the docks. Enter the room where you saw drunk men
sleeping and use cassette player with sleeping man. Now go back to
the kitchen and use key (the one you got from submarine) with
washing machine. Now go to the screen with a stopped train (via vent)
and use key with train driver. Now look at the wall in the place
where the train was earlier and grab a keycard. Now return to processor
and you will end this part.
You begin at the baker's backyard. Pick up empty pizza box, deflated
hopper. Use watch with cellar door to open it. Go in. Pick up bubble
gum, crank and a raincoat. Exit. Use crank with platform. Use bubble
gum with deflated hopper. Use inflated hopper with skylight. Get
newspaper. Exit. Use central tunnel. Pick up oilcan, wrench. Use
wrench to unscrew tail rotor. Pick up rotor and a washer. Exit.
Use oilcan on fire axe and then pick up fire axe. Use leftmost tunnel.
Pick up mobile telephone. Read newspaper. Go up. Talk with Elvis.
Descend stairs. Nothing here. Return 2 rooms back and go to the
waiting room. Use TV. Turn it on, select ch.3 and then use mobile
telephone to get a cuckoo clock. Now exit room. Go right - you will
get to the cellar via elevator. Return to Professor and invite him in.
Talk with professor to get items list. This list is HUGE, so I will
describe your further actions sorted by locations. Note: now you
can use your map to travel but to get back to professor you need to
get to the waiting room via elevator and there click on black portal
for him to appear. All items must be personally given to him - after
that they will be marked in the list as stroken through.
BAKERY (SEEDY STREET) To get baker's frying pan you need pretty
much tal- king - you need to drive baker crazy and throw a pan
at you.
STRIP JOINT (also S.S.) Pick up chalk and matches. Talk with
firemen - you can get a pool cue after they drop it.
MANHOLE (S.S.) Use a fish from Royston to open the manhole and
use peg from docks to get inside the manhole. Once in- side the
only thing you can do is pick up a traffic cone and bring it to
PARK Talk with girl - she will ask for a candy to trade for her
balloon (for candy see the Plugs! shop). Use chalk from strip
joint on weight of the weight- lifter - after this pick up a
bird and use it with cuckoo clock. Also pick up weight - it
appears to be a bowling ball. Talk with Royston. You need a fish
and a pipe from him. He will trade a fish for your raincoat, but
since you need a raincoat for another place you better go see
Royston after you are done with raincoat. Otherwise you will have
to trade raincoat back for an orange ni object (this one is from
Dr7 at the mall, I guess). But you need fish in order to get a
traffic cone from man- hole and exchange it for pipe with Royston.
MUSEUM To get inside use fire axe with closed doors. Then search
carefully for a spot called 'nail' - its very hard to miss and is
located where the closed doors were. Inside, use glue (you get
glue by sol- ving eye's riddle at the Information booth). Pick
up skate (not the one in glue, but one still on curator's leg).
Pick up hula girl outfits here.
DOCKS You can open a box and get an appointment card for dentist.
Also use pool cue with shirt and then pick up shirt and a fallen
INFORMATION BOOTH (Mall) Talk with eye. Ask for his help. After eye
tells you the riddle try to guess. You fail to find the answer. To
solve it visit professor and talk with him. Then leave and visit &
talk with him again. Finally return to eye and talk with him. You
will solve the riddle and get a glue.
PLUGS! SHOP (M) Use washer to buy a candy for a girl in the park.
Look at ear plugs. Talk with Sparky - you need to trick him to look
behind the counter for smthng, when he does quickly grab ear plugs.
MUSIC SHOP (M) Inside, use ear plugs and go and talk with Dr7.
Finally he will give you a box of junk with an orange ni object
and fans's base. Use tail rotor with fan's base to get a wind
machine. After that this shop is useless for your quest.
DENTIST's (M) To get inside just give an appointment card from
docks to Violet. Inside, persuade the hen to join you and grab
SPY STORE (M) Inside, talk with spy, use raincoat and grab gloves.
FINAL Finally use pool cue with skate and with shirt to get a
sailboard. Return to professor and give him all the stuff. Check
his list to see what you have given him and what you haven't.
After you give him everything the outro begins.
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