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Army Men 2

PC Games Hints & Cheat Codes

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PC Games Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Enter message mode pressing , then type "!when all else fails..." (include ...) to enable cheat mode.

Next, enter one of the codes below to activate a cheat.

Code - Effect


!patton's speach - You've inspired your troops

!i give up - Restart Level

!veni vidi vinci - Skip Level

!fond memories - ???

!night of the walking dead - Enemies turn in to zombies

!suicide kings - Kill sarge

!ninja arts - Sarge has stealth ability and is faster

!god of gamblers - Random item, sometimes infinite

!techno - New Background

!rubber cement - Medical Kit

!paper dolls - Paratroopers

!watchtower in the sky - Recon

!geronimo! - 12 air strikes

!beautiful nikita - Infinite sniper rifel

!fourth of july - M80

!roach spray - Infinite Can "o" fire

!ruby ray - Infinite magnifying glass

!aluminum foil - Flak jacket

!smorfs - Blue uniform

!metal sheeting - Grey Uniform

!shrink wrap - Tan uniform

!pooper scooper - Mine sweeper

!gnomish inventions - Explosives

!acme discs - Land mines

!a better tomorrow - Vulcan Gun

!no rocket launcher - Infinite rocket launcher

!village people - Infinite flamethrower

!i have a rock - Infinite handgranads

!cliche ending - End of Phoenix, Etc.

!phoenix! - Flame man

!surprise party - A lot of enemies apear from nowhere

!armageddon - Everthing dies in a mass air strike

!ucla - ??Go Bruins??

!doctor doctor - Full Health

!moleman - ??

!spidey senses tingling - See all enemies on the map

!jumpjets - Teleports Sarge somewhere close by

!warp 6 - Mini-Map Things Blink Faster

!santini - Invincible

!cookie jar - All Guns and Cars

Multiplayer Invincibility

Get in a jeep. This may work with other vehicles, but I've only ever used the jeep. Drive to an enemy's base (THEY MUST HAVE A VEHICLE REPAIR) Park on the vehicle repair, so that the vehicle is half way on the repair, and halfway off (MUST BE HANGING OFF

Let the enemy destroy the repair. The metal beam/crane thingy will fall on you, trapping you. But, the game thinks that you are getting repaired, so you are trapped, but invincible to ENEMY attacks.

Friendly sarges can still kill you.

Full Air Support

Press Backspace, type aerosmith, then press Enter.

Level Skip

Press Backspace, type LevelSkip xx, whereas xx is 1-20, then press Enter.

Full Ammo

Press Backspace, type full tank, then press Enter.


Tip 1
Know your battlefield and mission objectives! This is your biggest key to success. If you have to, do a dry run of a scenario to scope things out first.

Tip 2
Whenever possible, arm the Sarge with a bazooka - it's the most effective weapon, especially when the enemy bunches up together during an attack. A few well-placed bazooka blasts can melt the whole lot of them.

Tip 3
When you're controlling grunts without the Sarge around, move them short distances at a time--and never more than one game screen. This way, you'll avoid losing grunts or having them head off in some strange direction.

Tip 4

When controlling vehicles, order one at a time. If you do a group move, expect some strange, chaotic driving. Nobody will end up where you want them.

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