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Star Wars- Rogue Squadron

N64 Hints & Cheat Codes

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Nintendo 64 Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

AT-ST Bonus Level:

To access the secret Chicken Walker (AT-ST) bonus level enter the
password CHICKEN. 

Battle of Hoth:

Finish all levels with a GOLD medal and you will be able to play the third
(and best) bonus mission: The original Battle of Hoth. Your craft of
choice is the Snowspeeder. 

Beggar's Canyon:

Here's your chance to fly a T-16 Skyhopper on Luke's homeworld, Tatooine.
As soon as you finish all missions with at least a BRONZE medal, you can
take on your buddies in a peaceful race through Beggar's Canyon. 

Credits Cheat:

Enter the word CREDITS at the Password Menu and you will be able to watch
the Star Wars style Factor 5/LucasArts credits, accompanied by a Rogue
music medley. 

Death Star Trench Run:

As a little hidden bonus, the developers of Rogue Squadron included the
Death Star trench run from A New Hope as an extra mission in the game. How
do you get it? Beat the game getting SILVER Medals on each level. 

Increase Difficulty:

So the game is too easy for you, huh? Why don't you enter the word ACE at
the password screen and see what happens? 

Infinite Lives Code:

With Rogue Squadron's insane learning curve, the following code certainly
helps a lot. Enter the word IGIVEUP at the password screen for infinite

Radar Code:

Ever notice how the radar in Rogue Squadron doesn't work like a "real"
radar? If you go to the Passwords menu and enter the word "RADAR", it
switches to a different mode, where the object with higher altitudes are
displayed brighter than low-flying ships. 

Watch All Cut-scenes:

If you want to see all the cut-scenes in their order of appearance (minus
the bonus mission ones), type in the word DIRECTOR at the password screen. 

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