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San Francisco Rush 2049

N64 Hints & Cheat Codes

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Nintendo 64 Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Cheat mode:
Hold Z + L + R + C-Up + C-Right at the main menu. An option for the cheat 
menu will appear at the bottom of the screen.

All parts:
Enable cheat mode, then highlight the "All parts" option at the cheat menu. 
Quickly hold L + R and press Z. Release the buttons, then quickly press 
C-Down, C-Up, C-Left, C-Right. Then, hold L + R and press Z. 

Enable cheat mode, then highlight the "Invincible" option at the cheat menu. 
Quickly press C-Right, L, R(2), L. Then, hold C-Left + C-Down and press Z. 

First place passwords:

Circuit and race    Password  

Beginner 4          WX17QQ6FDC XBDWCLCTYC  
Beginner 5          BYI7QQBHWC YBFLD@CJFD  
Beginner 6          WYI7QQLJ8C 3WJWDGD6%C  
Beginner 7          BII7QQWK%C @BMLFLD@MD  
Beginner 8          WII7QQ6LLD FXNWFWDQ2D  
Intermediate 2      XB@#T3LCGB FWB6C2B42C  
Intermediate 3      CC@#T36WDLB LBCWFBCQ3C  
Intermediate 4      XC@#T36FNB VBD6GQC%2C  
Intermediate 5      CD@#T3BHQB YBFBJLDW9C  
Intermediate 6      XD@#T3LJTB 5BG6K2DWQD  
Intermediate 7      CF@#T3WKWB %WJWL@DYMD  
Intermediate 8      XF@#T36L2B HCK6MLF6LD  
Intermediate 9      CG@#t3BN4B KXLWP@FW#D  
Intermediate 10     XG@#T3LP6B MCPLRLGQVD  
Extreme 2           IWBBBWMCDB KWDWBQBN2B  
Extreme 3           FXBBBBYDJB TBH6B6BTFC  
Extreme 4           IXBBBB8FLB IWLLCGCBDC  
Extreme 5           FYBBBBDHQB 8BMBD6CGIC  
Extreme 6           IYBBBBNJTB ?WQ6DBD4WC  
Extreme 7           FIBBBWYKWB CCWBGQDYFC  
Extreme 8           IIBBBW8L4B JXILG2DNVC  
Extreme 9           F2BBBWDN6B MC56GLFQXC  
Extreme 10          I2BBBWNP@B QX8BH@FWDD  
Extreme 11          F3BBBWYQBC RC%LJLGJFD  
Extreme 12          I3BBBW8RDC WXCXKWGLDD  
Extreme 13          F4BBBWDVJC 5CD7L@GTCD  
Extreme 14          I4BBBWNWNC @XHXMBHG#C  
Extreme 15          F5BBBWYXYC ?CM7M2HLTD  
Extreme 16          I5BBBW8YYC GYMXNWJBFD  
Extreme 17          F6BBBWD24C HDRMPGK63C  
Extreme 18          I6BBBWN3@C NYW7PLKYWC  
Extreme 19          F7BBBWY4BD VDYCQGLNGC  
Extreme 20          I7BBBW85JD XY3MQ6LN3C  

Venom car:
Collect all the silver coins in stunt mode.

Crusher car:
Collect sixteen gold coins in stunt mode.

GX-2 car:
Collect half of the gold coins in race mode.

Euro LX car:
Collect twenty-four gold coins in stunt mode.

Mini XS car:
Collect thirty-six gold coins in race mode.

Panther car:
Collect all gold and silver coins in both race and stunt modes. 

Intermediate circuit:
Finish in first, second or third place on the Beginner circuit to unlock a 
bonus track and the Intermediate circuit. 

Extreme circuit:
Finish in first, second or third place on the Intermediate circuit to unlock 
a bonus track and the Extreme circuit. 

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