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Mario Golf

N64 Hints & Cheat Codes

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Nintendo 64 Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Alternate costumes:
Hold C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, or C-Down while selecting a golfer at the character 
selection screen. 

Left-handed golfer:
Hold L or Z while selecting a golfer at the character selection screen. 

Password screen:
Highlight the "Clubhouse" option at the main menu, then press Z + R + A. Note: 
This does not work in the PAL version of the game.

Nintendo Power tournament:
Enter KPXWN9N3 as a password to play a tournament at Toad Highlands. Note: The 
shadow with the "?" indicates that any character can be selected. Another 
password will be displayed after completing the tournament. The ten character 
password is not actually a password for the game, but is for a promotion in 
Nintendo Power magazine.

First Camp Hyrule Cup:
Enter 0EQ561G2 as a password. Note: Donkey Kong must be selected as a golfer. 
The password contains the number zero as a character. 

Second Camp Hyrule Cup:
Enter 5VW689O6 as a password. Note: Plum must be selected as a golfer. The 
password contains the letter "O". 

Press C-Left, C-Right, C-Up, or C-Down during your opponent's turn. 

Press any direction on the D-Pad during your opponent's turn.

Easier CPU player:
Compliment your opponent as much as possible after their shot and he or she 
will be easier to defeat. For example, if the CPU player gets a perfect 
shot, press Up to say "Nice Shot!" at the same time that the game announces 

One player Skins mode:
Choose the player-controlled character, then hold R while selecting more 
characters to set them under CPU control. Select a play mode and choose to 
play Skins. 

Play as Luigi:
Defeat Luigi in get character mode. 

Play as Yoshi:
Unlock Luigi as a selectable golfer, then defeat Yoshi in get character mode. 

Play as Sonny:
Unlock Yoshi as a selectable golfer, then defeat Sonny in get character mode. 

Play as Wario:
Unlock Sonny as a selectable golfer, then defeat Wario in get character mode. 

Play as Harry:
Unlock Wario as a selectable golfer, then defeat Harry in get character mode. 

Play as Mario:
Unlock Harry as a selectable golfer, then defeat Mario in get character mode. 

Play as Bowser:
Unlock Mario as a selectable golfer, then defeat Bowser in get character mode.

Play as Donkey Kong:
Get thirty stars in ring mode. 

Play as Maple:
Get 50 birdie badges in tournament mode. 

Play as Metal Mario:
Get all 108 birdie badges in tournament mode. Metal Mario hits 285 yards and 
a high draw. He is still the best golfer in the game, with Bowser only being 
able to hit 280 yards.

Play as Gold Mario:
Unlock Metal Mario and highlight that character at the selection screen. 
Then, hold C-Left and press A. 

Play as last four characters:
The last four characters on the bottom row can only be unlocked by using the 
Game Boy Color Mario Golf game and the Game Boy Transfer Pak that allows 
data to be shared between the two games. The four characters are Joe, Kid, 
Sherry, and Azalea. 

Mario theme song:
Unlock all the players in get player mode and allow the credits to complete. 
Once the credits are done, the Mario theme song will start and you will 
receive a reward.

Easier wins:
To defeat characters easier or to maintain your status without having to 
start completely over, save the game on bad drives. Then, do that course 
without restarting the competition again. 

Push the ball:
Repeatedly tap Z or A when the ball lands on the ground to move it a little 
bit further. Note: Hold Z to quickly advance the ball to where it would 
normally stop for a faster game. 

Abort swing:
Press B immediately after pressing A to start a swing. 

Mario Star course:
Score at least 2200 points after unlocking five other courses in the game. 

Replay hole:
Pause game play on the hole to be replayed. Use the "Save And Quit" option 
to save the game. Then, select "Continue" to tee off from the same hole. 

Alternate introduction sequence:
Unlock Donkey Kong as a player. Then, wait for the introduction sequence to 
appear a second time. The first time it appears, the sequence shows Yoshi 
carrying Baby Mario. Remain there and allow it to appear a second time to 
see Donkey Kong carrying Baby Mario. 

Alternate ending sequence:
Successfully complete the game with a character to feature him or her 
during the ending sequence. 

Alternate course creature:
An alternate creature will jump out of the hole if you can sink a putt for 
par or better with the 200 ft putting range. Even if the putt is only 10 
feet, if you put it on the 200 range and sink the putt for par or better a 
small mushroom creature will jump out of the hole instead of a gopher.

Play at night:
Select get character mode and enter "Sudden Death" to play the same course 
at night.

Perfect power shot bonus:
When a power shot is made and the ball is hit perfectly, a bonus animation 
such as a fireball (with a 1D club) or rainbow (with a 4W club) will appear. 
Additionally, your golfer will not lose a power shot. 

For a spinning fireball, use Mario to get a perfect power shot. For thunder, 
use Bowser, get a perfect power shot -- you will hear a big boom. For 
lightning, use Wario to get a perfect power shot.

1W rainbow shot:
Usually a 4W club with power is needed to get a rainbow. However, it is 
possible to get a rainbow shot when playing as Yoshi with a 1W club with 
power on it.

Shoot while standing sideways:
Aim towards the big hills on hole 11 on Toad Highland. Your ball will land 
on the hill, close to the top. When you go to shoot again, your golfer will 
be standing almost completely sideways.

All clubs playable with one controller: 
This trick can be used to get all the clubs playable with one controller 
(playing two to four players on a single controller). Simply highlight 
however many players as desired. You can select characters for up to four 
players with one controller, and may even control them in a game.

Land swimming fish:
If you hit your ball into the water a fish will jump. However, if you hit 
your ball in the water close enough to land, the fish will jump out of the 
water into land and disappear under the ground.

Fish parade:
If you hit your ball towards a pond with just the right amount of spin, it 
will skid across the water and about fifteen fish will jump at the same 
time. Combine this trick with "Land swimming fish" to make a large number 
of fish jump on land and disappear.

Floating golf ball:
At times, your ball will float when hit into the water. When this happens 
no fish will jump.

Bets are automatic in stroke and match multi-player modes, but may be 
de-activated or changed at the course select screen. 

Right angle shot:
When right in front of a tree, hit the ball so it hits the side of the tree. 
Make sure the shot will not just nick the tree. If done correctly, the ball 
will bounce straight over.

Sky rocket shot:
When right in front of a little hill or tree, aim between the middle and 
the top. If done correctly, the ball will sky rocket upwards. 

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