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Hydro Thunder

N64 Hints & Cheat Codes

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Nintendo 64 Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Medium difficulty tracks and boats:
Successfully complete all three easy difficulty tracks in first, second, or 
third place. 

Hard difficulty tracks and boats:
Successfully complete all medium difficulty tracks in first or second place. 

Catacombs track:
Successfully complete the hard difficulty level tracks in first place. 

Hydro Speedway track and Tiny Titanic boat: 
Finish the Catacombs track in first place. 

Castle Von Dandy track and Armed Response boat:
Finish the Hydro Speedway track in first place. 

Nile Adventure track and Blowfish boat: 
Finish the Castle Von Dandy track in first place. 

Chumdinger boat:
Finish the Nile Adventure track in first place. 

Jump the boat:
Make sure you have plenty of turbo power. Hold Throttle, press B, then press 
Turbo. This should make the boat get some necessary air off ramps.

Quick start:
Press A when the announcer at the start of the race is says "3… 2...1... Go Go 
Go". This will result in a quick start, and sometimes a 4 second booster. 

9 second booster in Lost Island: 
Enter the first waterfall that appears in the Lost Island track. Jump over the 
lava spout to get a 9 second booster. The waterfalls are the best place to 
find shortcuts and secrets. The best boat to use, once unlocked, is the Tidal 
Blade. It has great maneuverability.

The only way to complete Venice Canals: 
The following steps will help you complete Venice Canals, the hardest level 
(next to Nile Adventure) in the game in the only way possible. First, you must 
get a large amount of boost. A fast boat like the RaD HaZarD is recommended, 
if your good at turning. You must use your hydro jump to jump onto and over 
grass. This will get you ahead of a few racers. Then, you will reach a room 
with swinging chandeliers You have to hydro jump at just the right moment on 
the second chandeliers (there are a total of three). You will get a 9 second 
boost. Use it wisely to win and complete the level.

Recommended boats:
The following is a list of the best boats to use on the easy and medium tracks.

Thunder Park track: Damn the Torpedoes
Lost Island track: Midway
Arctic Circle track: Damn the Torpedoes
Greek Isles track: Midway
Lake Powell track: Thresher
The Far East track: Thresher or Midway 

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