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Duke Nukem 64

N64 Hints & Cheat Codes

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Nintendo 64 Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Ghost Duke:

 In a  one  player  dukematch, turn  on the  all  items  code  and kill
 yourself with a pipebomb. BEFORE you press open, turn on Invincibility
 and you will come back to life. Now  turn  off  invincibility  and you
 will be invisible to all of the dukebots.

All Items

 Enter the  CHEAT  MENU  code shown below, then return to the main menu
 and press R,  C-Right, Right, L, C-Left, Left, C-Right,  Right.  A new
 item called "ALL ITEMS" should become available. 

Big Duke, Little Duke

 There is a way to play big or small in Duke Nukem. This code will work
 on  co-op   or  deathmatch.  To  do  this  code  in  co-op   you  need
 Invincibility and items  codes.  Turn on  friendly  fire, then use the
 weapons code, shoot your buddy with the shrinker, or expander. 

Small Duke:

 Shoot, put on  invincibility  then turn it off again.  The player will
 not grow back (the drawback: you can't have any weapons). 

Big Duke:

 Get the expander,  (with God mode off)  and shoot the other Duke until
 he starts to expand.  Just  before he explodes put on  God  mode, stop
 shooting, then turn off god mode. You now have a giant duke that still
 can be killed. ( Note, you may have to try it a  few  times  to get it
 right. ) 

Cheat Menu:

 At the main  menu  press Left, Left, L, L, Right, Right, Left, Left to
 access the Cheat Menu. 

Come Fire Walk With Me:

 You can safely walk on lava for a infinite  amount of time by pressing
 the jump  button  enough  that your feet aren't on the ground for more
 than a second.  Keep it up and you can stay in lava without protection
 for as long as you want. 

Fountain of Youth:

 It's always fun to blow stuff up right?  Well now you can have fun and
 get  power at the same  time.  First, the fun part: shoot or blow up a
 water fountain, fire hydrant, or even a toilet.  Then walk over to the
 water that's  squirting up and hold "A" {default}.  You will gradually
 regain your energy. 

How do you Spell Relief?:

 If you're low on health, take  Duke  to a  restroom  and stand  him in
 front of a toilet or urinal.  Press  the action  button (A by default)
 and Duke will relieve himself for some health. 

Infinite Jet Pack:

 While you're in the air with the jet pack, turn on the All Items code.
 You now have unlimited fuel for your jet pack. 


 Enter the  CHEAT  MENU  code  shown above, then press  R  seven  times
 followed by LEFT on the d-pad ( not the analog stick. )  If you did it
 right  you'll  hear  a tone.  Now  go into the  cheat  menu  and  turn
 invincibility on. 

Level Select:

 Enter the  CHEAT  MENU  code shown above, then press L, L, L, C-Right,
 Right, Left, Left, C-Left. 

No Monsters:

 Go to the cheat  menu (see above) then press L, LEFT C, LEFT, R, RIGHT
 C, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, RIGHT. You will hear a siren if you did the code
 correctly. Then go in the cheat menu and now you can turn the monsters
 on and off. 

Weapon Warp:

 In Deathmatch, any weapon can be throwm into a  teleporter  to have it
 appear on the other end.  Bullets,  missles,  grenades, plasma, it all
 goes through.  You have to wait for the item to completely pass before
 you can throw in another, ie., rapid fire bullets will not go through.
 This is great for  dropping  gifts on your  opponents  while  you stay
 safe.  Just be  careful  not  to stand on a  teleporter  for too long,
 because if someone else steps on it, you'll get telefraged.

Defeating the Overlord:

 When  fighting  the Overlord, stay in the water but don't submerge. As
 long as you're at the surface you can hit him but he can't hit you.

 Important: Don't use explosive weapons. If you do you'll die too. 

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