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Army Men-Sarges Heroes

N64 Hints & Cheat Codes

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Nintendo 64 Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Invincibility = MMRTL
Large Mode = LVNGLRG
All Weapons = NSRLS
Full Ammo = MMLVSRM
Play as Big Green One = GRNGRLRX
Play as Hail Mendheimicus = SHRMNSLDR
Play as Plastro = PLSTRLVSVG
Play as Tin Soldier = TNSLDRS
Play as Vikki = GRNGRLRX
Debug mode = THDTST
All Characters = VRCLN
Play as Hoover = STPDMN
Level Select = DNSTHMN
Unlimited Continues = CNTN
Invisibility = DNLVSHSF
Test Info = THDTST

Floating Ammo
On any level, shoot a crate that has ammo or a gun on top. When the crate is blown up, the ammo or gun on top should be floating!

Restart Level
Hold L + R + C-Down during any point in the game. You will now go back to the beginning location of the level.

Cycle Through Weapons Backwards
To browse through your weapons in reverse order, During the game, hold the Z button and press the B button to cycle through each gun.

Shoot Napalm
Select the Bazooka while playing in Multiplayer. Hold down the R button, then hold down Z until you here PARTY TIME. To shoot napalm hold down R and Z.

Fire Flame Bombs from a Bazooka
To do this trick go and select the bazooka and hold down Z the R and let go until the army man says lets rock then press R then Z and then you can fire Flame bombs only out of the bazooka.

Fast Bikes
At the main menu press Up, C-Left, C-Left, C-Right, Left, Right, C-Down, Z. A tone will confirm the code.

Make Riff Run To You
If Riff try's to run to the helicopter pad up the mountain he'll get stuck and can't move shoot him in the leg and he'll run to you.

Level Passwords
Attack = LNLGRMM
Spy Blue = TRGHTR
Bathroom = TDBWL
Riff Mission = MSTRMN
Forest = TLLTRS
Hoover Mission = SCRDCT
Thick Mission = STPDMN
Snow Mission = BLZZRD
Shrap Mission = SRFPNK
Fort Plastro = GNRLMN
Scorch Mission = HTTTRT
Showdown = ZBTSRL
Sandbox = HTKTTN
Kitchen = PTSPNS
Living Room = HXMSTR
The Way Home = VRCLN

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