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Super Mario Advance

GBA Hints & Cheat Codes

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Gameboy Advance Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Unlock Yoshi egg hunt:
Complete the Super Mario Bros 2 through once to open up a secret Yoshi egg hunt option

Play as Yoshi:
To play as Yoshi beat the Super Mario Bros. 2 game which will unlock the Yoshi-Egg Hunt mode. Beat egg hunt mode and you can play as Yoshi.

Warp holes:
Look out for warp holes, when you throw a magic potion (red bottle) and you enter the door, you might see a jar. When you go into them, you will be warped to another world/level. (most of the time)

World 1 warp hole:
In world 1, level 3, pass all the waterfalls (with the trees). Than, when you're on land again, pull the first thing you see out of the ground (a red "magic potion"). Jump over the "ravine" and walk untill you see a jar (on the end). Throw the potion next to it, and enter the door that the potion had created. When "inside" you'll see another jar. Go into it, and you will be "warped" to world 4, level 1!

Lotsa Lives:
To get lotsa lives go to world 7-1 and go to the area where there is a vase on a mushroom block and a liftable mushroom block, lift the mushroom block jump over the vase so you are on the right of it and drop the mushroom block so there is one space between the vase and the block. Shyguys will come out of the vase and get trapped.wait till there is no more Shyguys coming out, jump on top of the pile, lift up a Shyguy and throw it at the others. This can be repeated as many times as needed.

Sleep Mode:
Press Select + R to pause the game while only use minimal battery power. Press Select + L to resume the current game. *Note: This will shut off of the LCD screen and sound, but your game will still be paused.

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