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Laws of Game Programming

by Ian Parberry

  1. Real game programmers aren't afraid of mathematics.
  2. Real game programmers never use bubblesort.
  3. Real games are coded in C++ with low-level routines coded in assembly language.
  4. Real games have real music written by musicians, and real art drawn by artists.
  5. Never optimize a piece of code before its time.
  6. Profile before you optimize.
  7. If it looks right on the screen, then it is right.
  8. If it moves, blit it. If it doesn't move, skip it.
  9. Never be afraid to throw code out.
  10. Don't go home each day until your game (in whatever state it is in) compiles and runs without crashing.
  11. Make a game that even a fool can win, and only a fool will want to play it.
  12. Fools have money too.
  13. At best, graphics libraries can only please some of the people some of the time.
  14. Use programmer's art until your game is playable.
  15. Artificial Intelligence isn't.
  16. No matter what you do, your game will appear on the pirate bulletin boards.
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