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Game Programming Archives

Game Developers E-Magazine (Australia)

Game Developers E-Magazine Issue #1 - October 1993
Created by Phil Inch - Australian Made! An electronic magazine dedicated to people who are in to games programming, or would like to learn. News, reviews, hints and tips and detailed articles (covering many programming languages) will teach you everything you need to know to create your own masterpieces! G.D.M. is a monthly publication, and is totally FREE!

Game Developers E-Magazine Issue #2 - November 1993
Developing games for IBM compatible machines.

Game Developers E-Magazine Issue #3 - February 1994
This issue - PCX files, sprites, integer optimisation, digital sound and much, much more!

Game Developers E-Magazine Issue #4 - June 1994
MASSIVE issue - Intro to Mode X, more sprites, how to write a 3D dungeon, a 200+ page electronic novel, thoughts on game design, how to write a plasma, and much more than I can fit in here.

Game Developers E-Magazine Issue #5 - October 1994
This issue, we start writing a complete game.

Game Developers E-Magazine Issue #6 - February 1995
This issue - introduction to assembler programming, how to program the mouse, how to play MOD and WAV files, using 4 pages in mode 13h, how to do starfields, building custom palettes, and much more. The biggest and most informative issue yet.

Game Hack Magazine

Game Hack Magazine Issue #1 - November 1994
Welcome to the premier issue of the electronic publication for gamers. This online magazine is free and was created just for game developers. This issue includes some great reviews, Fastgraf (tm) tools, tips on programming styles, and even a service directory. A fun magazine - Have a look! Published by Visual Impact Software using NeoBook (tm).

Game Hack Magazine Issue #2 - March 1995
This online magazine is free and was created just for game developers. This issue includes some C++ basics, AI, copyright, music, 3D tiles and more!



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