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Star Fox Adventures

Gamecube Hints & Cheat Codes

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Gamecube Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Cheat List:
Cheats are unlocked by purchasing tokens for 20 scarabs when you find a secret well. The well is located in the maze that the Stone Guard lets you play in. Once you find the well use the C-stick to locate the token and drop it into the well. If you did everything right it will say "cheat activated." You have to go out to the main menu and go to Options where you will find something new opened up.

Here are the cheats and messages you can unlock:

Display End Credits: It will roll the staff credits, but not the ending of the game.
Music Test: Allows you to listen to music from the game.
Special Message: About the enemy.
Set Language to Dinosaur: Turn the language of the game to dinosaur.
Special Message: About your future.
Sepia Mode: Makes the game look old-timey (black and white).
Special Message: A voice from the past.
Special Message: Another message about the future.

Token Locations:

  1. Thorntail Store lobby
  2. Use the cannon in the Ice Mountain to destroy the nearby wall to reveal the well.
  3. The well is at the end of the river in the Snowhorn Wastes (swim to reach it).
  4. Plant a Moon Seed in front of the second Krazoa shrine at the Moon Mountain Pass.
  5. Become a member of the Lightfoot tribe in the Lightfoot Village. When you run across a distressed mother who says her children are underground, help her out by finding them for her. Once you get them out of the underground, she'll help you find the well.
  6. At Cape Claw use the Portal Device to take control of the cannon, shoot at the platforms near the starting point. Explore the holes you created to find the well.
  7. At Volcano Force Point take Moon Seeds back to the Temple after getting the third Spell Stone. Drop down next to the second gate and plant the Moon Seed, and use it to get to the well.
  8. At Ocean Force Point take the Portal Device to the temple after getting the fourth Stone. Go past the electrified floor to the portal door, through which you will find the well.
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