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Sonic Adventure 2

Gamecube Hints & Cheat Codes

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Gamecube Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Hint: Alternate costume:
Finish all of one character's (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, etc.) missions to get an alternate costume in two player mode.

Hint: Boss time attack mode:
Successfully complete either side story to see all the scenes from the side of the story that you chose or you can play the Bosses that you fought in a time attack mode. To get both the Hero and the Dark modes you have to complete both sides of the game.

Hint: Last stage:
Successfully complete both Hero and Dark side story modes. Enter story mode to access the "Last Stage?" option.

Hint: Extra Island level:
To get an extra Island level, you must get all the Emblems, including Kart, Timed Boss, and the emblems for all A rating. Once you have them all, which should total 180, the island next to the Green Forest level will have the face of Sonic on it. The new level is a 3D version of the Green Hills Zone, from Sonic The Hedgehog.

Hint: Kart Racing mini-game:
Catch the President with Tails, or catch Tails with Rouge. If you do both, you will unlock versus in two-player mode. Either way will work -- it does not matter which you do first.

Hint: Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow:
Successfully complete the Last Stage? Level in story mode to unlock Super Sonic and Hyper Shadow.

Hint: Dr. Robotnik: Mystic Melody:
At the very beginning of the Sand Ocean level, stay on the turnstile until it rotates the entire way around. At that point you will see a glow, which is the Mystic Melody. You must fly over to a new platform to get it.

Hint: Eggman: Mystic Melody:
In Eggman's Sand Ocean level, go onto one end of the turning platform and stay there until view changes. You will see the Mystic Melody.

Hint: Knuckles or Rouge: Finding goals:
At any point if you cannot seem to find what they are supposed to look for, intentionally die. You will lose all your rings, but in big stages you will find that it is to the most benefit. Note: Make sure that you have plenty of lives.

Hint: Knuckles or Rogue: Extra lives:
Enter two player mode and choose Knuckles or Rouge. Keep digging in the stage. After you dig you might get a lot of coins or lives. Keep digging for lives -- you can use them when you try an adventure (Dark or Hero story line).

Hint: Knuckles: Mystic Melody:
Go to Wild Canyon as Knuckles. Go straight into the windy gust throwing you upward. Look to the left and you should see three small buildings containing four boxes in each one. Ignore them. Go straight past them to find the Lonely Statue. Climb above the statue's head straight up and you should see a strange painting. Dig through it to find the Mystic Melody.

Hint: Knuckles: Sunglasses:
To get the sunglasses for Knuckles, play through story mode until you get to the Meteor Herd level. This occurs immediately after fighting the "Egg Golem". Look around for a big meteor on a separate floating rock island. Get on it, then get in back of the huge meteor, as far as you can go. Punch twice and then move forward for the Mini-Spiral Upper. If this does not work, try running at full speed and slam into the door in front of you. If it opens, break the metal box located there, then hit the button. Find a spring that takes you up to the top (or climb up), then fall down the newly opened area. You should see a rainbow-colored area with the Sunglasses power-up.

Hint: Rogue: Treasure Scope:
Successfully complete the Dark story line or get the Iron Boots in the Space level. Then, return to the first level and look for the Egyptian sign that was in Egg-Quaters. You will find Mystic Melody here. Then, go to the Security Hall and find the point of usage for Mystic Melody (there may be two). Follow the bridge that appears and use the Iron Boots on the crates to break them to find the Treasure Scope.

Hint: Sonic: Extra points:
When playing as Sonic, use the special punch attack after hitting and destroying an enemy to hit another and collect more points.

Hint: Sonic and Shadow: Mystic Melody:
The Mystic Melody for sonic and shadow is in their final stages. For Sonic, keep playing through the level until you see a rocket on a platform while grinding on a rail. Jump to it, and use it to go to a different route. Keep playing through this route until you get to the Mystic Melody. For Shadow, there is one part of the level where you can keep spiraling up on magnetic tubes. Eventually you will get to the Mystic Melody. The Mystic Melody is a tool every character can get. To use it, you must find those strange boxes that are in each level. Play the Mystic Melody to unlock a secret passage. The secret passage will usually lead you to the lost Chao you need to find to complete mission 3.

Hint: Shadow vs. Sonic finale: Extra lives:
Get 100 Rings by using Light Dashes.

Hint: Tails: Homing Laser upgrade:
A weapon not mentioned in the manual is the upgrade for Tails' Homing Laser. After completing the stage in which Tails earns the Volcan Upgrade, go back to Prison Lane via the level selection screen. At the end of the level, before touching the goal, look for the cameras. Shoot them down and break the iron boxes in front of the gate (if there are any). The Laser upgrade will be behind two barred doors afterwards.

Hint: Tails: Mystic Melody:
Get the Vulcan Cannon upgrade (which is a mandatory item that you will eventually get). Then, go to the Egyptian level and play through it until you see a door blocked by iron boxes. Shoot the boxes, go through the door, and collect the Mystic Melody.

Hint: Tails or Eggman: Extra health:
To gain a little health for Eggman or Tails, hit an enemy. When you see a Chaos Driver, get it. Your power bar will rise slightly higher.

Hint: Homing Laser upgrade:
To get the Homing Laser upgrade for the Eggwalker, on the first stage of the Dark story line, find a hall blocked by iron containers. Shoot them with your Vulcan cannon (needs to be upgraded first). You will find the homing laser upgrade at the end of the hall.

Hint: Aquatic Mines: Air Necklace:
Go to the Aquatic Mines level as Knuckles. Find the switch that changes the water level to its third setting. (o do this, make sure it is on the first setting and climb the pole in the center of the room. Then, jump to the pulley taking you above. Go to level 2 of the stage and find the a caution sign. Jump in the pit and keep following the path to the item. The Air Necklace allows you to breathe under water for an infinite amount of time. This is especially helpful in the very last level, where you spend virtually the entire time underwater.

Hint: City Escape: Magic Gloves:
Once you get the Fire Somersault Bracelet, return to the first level of Sonic's adventure (City Escape). Go towards the end of the level and look for a spot on the ground composed of four steel crates. Perform the bounce attack on top of them and you will fall into a secret room. Once there, you can bounce and destroy more crates to find the Magic Gloves. They will allow you to turn an enemy into a miniature throwable version. However, you have to get very close, making it not all that useful.

Hint: City Escape: Run on foot:
At the start of the City Escape level, instead of landing on the ground with the board, scrape the roads on the board. When on foot run full speed at a wall and get knocked down. Pause game play if you fall after hitting the wall. Choose to restart the level to run on foot and not on the board.

Hint: Cosmic Wall: Extra life:
As Dr. Robotnik. While trying to get up one of the giant holes by jumping from platform to platform, you will see two platforms extremely close together. Shoot all the boxes there to reveal a 1-up item which increases your life bar, so you can sustain more attacks before dying.

Hint: Crazy Gadget: End of level:
As Sonic, reach the last sequence when you hit the switch before you get the goal to launch the missile. Use the first switch then instead of using the second switch. Use the bounce attack to go higher to the red platform and move to your left. Hit the switch to go down. Step off the purple platform to find the switch. Use the bounce attack to get high enough to reach the gravity switch. Once you do, just jump to hit the switch. The next part is tricky. Use the homing attack to hit the spring near the goal and do not press anything. You should end up back where you started use the first switch to go up. Repeat the procedure, except use the switch that is straight ahead. When you get down, fire the missile to get the goal.

Hint: Egg Quarters: A rank:
To get an A rank for Rouge in Egg Quarters, get the three keys in 4:30. Usually you have to get it in 1:30.

Hint: Final Rush: Extra lives:
As Sonic, after the first grinding rail, land on the first platform. Take the lower of the two rails. At the end of the rail, jump to the platform and use the only rail, on the ground. At the end of that rail, there is a platform with speed panels. At the end of the platform there is a bomb robot over another platform. Destroy it and use the rail off of the platform it was over. At the end of that rail is a check point with a small gap afterward. Jump the gap and go all the way down the big drop. At the bottom is a rail on the left side. It will take you to a platform with a ring box and a life box. Get the life and then choose "Exit" from the "Start" menu. Re-enter the level and you should have the same number of lives you had when you exited the level. Repeat this as many times as needed.

Hint: Hidden Base: Interesting statue:
In the Hidden Base level as Tails, go to the pulley where, at the top, there are five to six Kiki's throwing bombs at you. In that area is a headless statue of a nude woman, holding her cleavage.

Hint: Hidden Base: Green sea monster Chao:
When playing as Tails, there is a hidden green sea monster Chao in the small maze. It makes your Chao's color turn green.

Hint: Iron Gate: Special Dragon Animal for your Chao:
To get A Special Dragon for the Dark story line, get all three Chao boxes in Iron Gate as Dr. Eggman. Be careful 00 one of the boxes is near the goal,

Hint: Iron Gate: Laser Blast:
First, find the Cannon in the Weapons Bed level, then play the Iron Gate level again. Go to the location where you find the most coins and two gas pipes. Blast those gas pipes. You will now see a way leading to a hall. The Laser Blast is inside, glowing green light. Take it. It makes it easier to lock-on to more opponents.

Hint: Mad Space: Phantasy Star Online items:
In the Mad Space level as Rouge, you can find items from Phantasy Star Online lying around -- the boxes rather not items themselves. For example, you can find green and blue boxes from the game.

Hint: Metal Harbor: Shortcut:
Near the beginning as Sonic, after doing the loop-de-loop there is a robot you can home-attack, which will take you to a faster route. After completing this much faster route, simply finish the rest of the level as fast as you can without taking detours. Also try to go straight all the way on the street board at the end-- do not zig-zag.

Hint: Pumpkin Hill: Ghosts:
As Knuckles, from Pumpkin Hill to the rest of the game you can find ghosts in certain places. Note: They just pop out and knock you down.

Hint: Pumpkin Hill: Extra Skeleton Dogs:
As Knuckles, go to Pumpkin Hill and get the extra life that is buried where the Shovel Claw was located. Then, go to Church Mountain and look around one of the graves closest to the wall. You should find a Skeleton Dog there. Restart the Level and do the same thing over again until you have as many as needed. The last time you do that, find a Chao Key and finish the level. It is easier to do this if you are on the 100 Ring mission or the Find The Chao mission.

Hint: Pumpkin Hill: Safe from fall:
When you fall for a while, glide then do the Spinning Dig move and hold it down. You will bounce back up and be able to glide to safety. If you do not make it, repeat until you do.

Hint: Pumpkin Hill: Early lives:
When starting Pumpkin Hill as Knuckles, go to the left rocket that takes you to Church Mountain. Then, take the rocket that leads to Pumpkin Mountain, which is somewhere in the graveyard area. While falling down from that rocket, quickly glide forward to the flying "island" in front of you. If done correctly, you should grip to the floating chunk of land and be able to go forward to get the extra life. This can be useful for people who are collecting Skel-dogs, because you can get it in the graveyard place before you take the rocket. There is also an extra life buried where the digging claw things used to be -- so this can double as an unlimited lives trick. Note: Skel-dogs are useful for people who are raising running Chao because they remove the boar's ugly features, and provide a running improvement of up to 16, without subtracting from other stats.

Hint: Radical Highway: Fire Ring:
As Shadow, after the second highway you spring to, go backwards instead of forwards. You will see a rollie object that you need to somersault through to a new route. The new route leads to the Fire Ring that allows you to break steel crates. Note: You need the Light Shoes or you will not be able to get it.

Hint: Radical Highway: Got Ring? Blimp:
There is a blimp with the message "Got Ring?" in the level.

Hint: Security Hall: Fast completion:
In this stage you play as Rouge the Bat and are given 5 minutes to complete it. This can prove to be quite difficult. If you have enough lives you can do this trick. If you cannot seem to find the Emeralds, you should die. You will keep the existing Emeralds that you have collected. You will begin at the start of the level and the Emeralds will move to different places. This is the fastest method for completing the level if you are having trouble.

Hint: Security Hall: Cut through lasers without losing rings:
As Rogue, get a running start and glide as fast as you can. If you are quick enough, when you touch a laser you will hear a spark but will not get hurt. You can only do this on lasers that are high. This is best done in the higher room with the switches.

Hint: Security Hall: Alternate shield color:
Play as Rouge in the Security Hall under the hard difficulty setting. The shield robots will be holding black shields instead of red ones.

Hint: Sky Rail: Shortcut:
There are places in the level where you can jump as Shadow from the rail you are on to a rail you are going past that you normally would not get to until later in the level. This method saves time, and it is fairly easy. Be careful -- do not jump to a rail that will take you back, adding time. Additionally, on the last rail, take the rail on the right versus the left. The one on the right slopes straight down to the goal. Also, crouch at the very beginning to go much faster.

Hint: Sky Rail: Find the lost Chao:
The Mystic Melody and Light Speed Dash are required. At the second checkpoint there will be rail. Do not go on it. Instead, turn to the left and you should see the Mystic Block. Play the Mystic Melody and rings will appear. Do the Light Speed Dash and there will be a lot of bouncy things. Bounce up a few and at the top you will see the lost Chao. Go up a few more bouncy things to reach it.

Hint: Sky Rail: Ancient Light:
As Shadow, skip the rocket and use the spring. Hit the bouncy propeller object until you get to the limit. You will see an enemy robot that you need to kill. Following him is a string of robots that you attack until you get to the Ancient Light for Shadow. It does the same thing as the Ancient Light for Sonic.

Hint: White Jungle: Ancient Light:
To get the Ancient Light from the original Sonic Adventure, go to the White Jungle level as Sonic and keep playing until you reach the part where you are in a tree with many enemy robots. Jump up to the area with the box of rings. From there, walk to the edge of the platform until you see an enemy robot. Home attack it and keep going, attacking item boxes until you get to an extra life at the end of the line. There is also a 1-Up item which is the Ancient Light.

Hint: White Jungle: Fourth mission Emblem:
There are no shortcuts in this level. To get the Emblem as Shadow, keep running and do not get hurt.

Hint: White Jungle: Easy points:
When playing as Shadow there are two places where you get points for easy things. At the very start of the level, after swinging on your first vine, somersault under a fence for 500 free points. Then, when you are in a grassy area much like the area where Sonic gets his Ancient Light, instead of going the short way which leads to invincibility, somersault under a gate behind two robots. Dodge the sparking robot and when you reach two robots, one flying around one just standing, hit the flying one. Stay in the air as long as you can and bash the second one to get the usual 100 points, but you will also get 400 bonus points.

Hint: Wild Canyon: Special Dragon Animal for your Chao:
Play as Knuckles in the Wild Canyon level. Get all three Chao Boxes. The first Chao Box will be the Chao key. When you get the second Chao Box you can get 2, 3 or 4 animals. With the third Chao Box, you can get the Dragon.

For an easier way to get a Dragon, start the Wild Canyon level and go to the place where you get the power-up on the wall you came out of. Look to where it and the left wall intersects. Climb up to find a Dragon. Go over there and play the Mystic Melody. Go forward and get the extra life. Restart and do it again.

Hint: Wild Canyon: Extra dragons and lives:
Use the following trick to get a lot of dragons in about ten minutes. At the start of the Wild Canyon level, climb the tall pillar to your right. When you reach the top, get the extra life and glide to the pillar on the other side of the room. Then, glide onto the pillar closest to it and get the Chao box. Enter the "wind tunnel" and when you get to the top, go to your left. Go to one of the first cubes blocked by boxes. Punch the boxes for another extra life, then go to the end of the path. Once there, hit the Chao box, but avoid the animals. Once you get that, go to the path across from the one you that are in. Go all the way down and either kill or ignore the rhinos. Then, drop down into the statue area. Get the Chao box and the dragon, then exit and repeat this as many times as needed.

Hint: Defeating Sonic:
In the Dark storyline, instead of trying to catch him off-guard, keep somersaulting at him. This makes the battle easy.

Hint: Defeating Big Foot:
In the Hero storyline, you can defeat Big Foot faster by jumping on the wooden boxes. From here, you can attack him without having to wait until he lands. After he shoots out all the boxes, defeat him the standard way.

As Sonic, if you have the bounce attack, just bounce around Big Foot.

Hint: Defeating Eggmant:
In the Hero storyline, during both battles with Eggman forget about the lock-on missile -- it is too slow. Instead, rapidly attack him with your Vulcan cannon.

Hint: Defeating Egg Golem:
Beside climbing the stairs on Golem's back, you can hit him another way. You can only do this when he has two or less hits remaining. When he uses his head butt of death, stay to the side of his fists so the head misses. Then, get directly under the head. He takes a few seconds to pick it up again -- use a bounce attack to hit the "battery".

Hint: Defeating Shadow:
In the Hero storyline, during both Shadow battles you can use the same strategies. Shadow cannot defend against the bounce attack.

Instead of trying to catch him off-guard, keep somersaulting at him. This makes the battle easy.

Hint: Defeating King Boom Boo:
In the Hero storyline, only run fast enough so you can see his face. When he starts breathing blue fire, you will have more than enough time to punch the ghost holding the hour glass while he is preoccupied making is wall.

King Boom Boo as one attack called the Chomp Attack. Be careful, because he also speeds up when he does it. If you slow down, quickly speed back up or he will speed up and attack.

Hint: Make Omochao angry:
Pick him up and throw him around. If you throw him at an enemy, he will explode. You can even shoot him with Eggman or Tails while he is flying around your head.

Easy Chao's
Go to the stage selection screen then select Route 101 with Tails,select mission 2 (Collect 100 rings) then compleat it. Do this 4 or 6 times,then get to the Chao kindergarten and select Black Market then you have enough rings to buy a egg. Attentoin 10 or 15 Emblems are needed.

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