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Gamecube Hints & Cheat Codes

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Gamecube Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Save Drowning Pikmin:
You can also save drowning Pikmin by continually calling the ones that are drowning with your whistle and they will eventually climb out and to safety.

Building Up Pikmin Stock:
A couple of days can be safely devoted to doing nothing but building up your Pikmin army without loss of critical time to rescue all the ship parts. Collecting at least 1 ship part every day will ensure finishing the game in time. The crash site offers the most abundant supply of resources to build up your Pikmin army with. Pellet flowers (1-2 Pikmin each), pearls (50), large pellets (5-20), and large enemies that have been defeated (1-2x). Remember not to leave more than 100 Pikmin outside of the Onions or else you'll be wasting your time since only 100 Pikmin can be allowed out at one time.

Easiest Way To Defeat Large Enemies:
Mature 100 red Pikmin and take them out with you on a killer rampage. Surround each enemy with all 100 red Pikmin and use the small joystick to keep the Pikmin behind the enemy to minimize Pikmin losses. Not only will that clear a path of safety, but also replenish/build up more Pikmins by taking back the dead enemy bodies for more seeds.

Help Drown Pikmin:
Just throw some blue pikmin near them and they'll throw them back to the shore.

Big Pikmin Grower:
In the impact site, bomb-rock the wall next to the stump. Take blue pikmin out and go there. There are some clams that have pearls worth 50 sprouts and one has a part. Just throw a couple in the mouths. When they start to open their mouths, call them back. It may be a bit slow, but it's worth it!

View Fireworks:
As the master of the Pikmin, you have some royal treatment coming your way. Press Down (on the D-Pad) for 4 Pikmin to carry you back to base. You'll see a fireworks display held just for you. Or, if you want, just stand still long enough.

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