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Vigilante 8

Dreamcast Hints & Cheat Codes

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Sega Dreamcast Cheats & Hints

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Hints & Cheat Codes

Password screen:
Enter the options screen, select "Game Status", highlight one of the characters, then hold L + R. Remove the VMUs from the controllers to enable the codes for one time use.

Enter ELBICNIVNI as a password. The word "Funky" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. This is especially useful in quest mode.

Original Vigilante 8 levels:
Enter OLD_LEVELS as a password to unlock all levels from the original Vigilante 8 game. The word "Funky" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

Rapid fire mode:
Enter RAPID_FIRE as a password to remove the delay when shooting weapons. The word "Funky" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

Solo play in arcade mode:
Enter HOME_ALONE as a password. The word "Funky" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

No gravity:
Enter NO_GRAVITY as a password. The word "Funky" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. Gravity will be reduced to the point that your car will almost float when a bump is hit

Big wheels:
Enter GO_MONSTER as a password. The word "Funky" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

View all ending sequences:
Enter LONG_MOVIE as a password to view all endings in one continuous sequence. The word "Funky" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

Same cars in multi-player:
Enter MIXED_CARS as a password to allow more than one person to select the same car in multi-player mode. The word "Funky" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. Note: This code may crash the game in arcade mode.

All characters:
Enter LLA_KCOLNU as a password to unlock all characters. The word "Funky" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry. Note: Their quests will not be completed.

All characters have maximum stats:
Enter LLA_DORTOH as a password. The word "Funky" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

No wheel attachments:
Enter DRIVE_ONLY as a password to disable wheel attachments from appearing. The word "Funky" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

Super missiles:
Enter BLAST_FIRE as a password to increase the damage from missiles. The word "Funky" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

Attract enemies:
Enter UNDER_FIRE as a password to have three enemies to attack simultaneously. The word "Funky" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

Slow motion mode:
Enter GO_SLOW_MO as a password. The word "Funky" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

Heavier cars:
Enter GO_RAMMING as a password to increase your car's weight and ramming ability. The word "Funky" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

Lighter cars:
Enter HI_CEILING as a password to decrease your car's weight and hover higher than normal. The word "Funky" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

Faster cars:
Enter MORE_SPEED as a password. The word "Funky" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

Fast action:
Enter QUICK_PLAY as a password to enable a random arcade feature. The word "Funky" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

High suspensions:
Enter JACK_IT_UP as a password. The word "Funky" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

Max rez option:
Enter GO_MAX_REZ as a password. The word "Funky" will be spoken to confirm correct code entry.

Disable codes:
Enter NO_CODE or any invalid password three consecutive times.

Removing passwords saved on VMUs:
Load your saved game into the controller two and begin a two player game. The passwords will be disabled. Save the current game onto the previously saved game using controller two.

Change vehicle view:
Hold B and press Y.

Hint: Special attacks:

Interceptor Missiles
Attack 1: Up, Up, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Up, Up, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Up, Up, Right, Machine Gun
Bull's Eye Rockets
Attack 1: Up, Down, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Up, Down, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Up, Down, Right, Machine Gun
Sky Hammer Mortar
Attack 1: Down, Down, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Down, Down, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Down, Down, Right, Machine Gun
Brusier Cannon
Attack 1: Down, Up, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Down, Up, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Down, Up, Right, Machine Gun
Roadkill Mines
Attack 1: Left, Right, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Left, Right, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Right, Left, Right, Machine Gun
Brimstone Burner
Attack 1: Right, Left, Up, Machine Gun
Attack 2: Right, Left, Down, Machine Gun
Attack 3: Right, Left, Right, Machine Gun

Hint: Characters:
Complete the following tasks to unlock each character in the game.

Lord Clyde: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Nina Loco, Molo, and Dallas 13.
Obake: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Lord Clyde.
Boogie: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Obake.
Note: You cannot play Quest Mode as Boogie
Houston: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Sheila, John Torque, and The Flying All-Star Trio.
Convoy: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Houston
Dave's Cultsmen: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Convoy.
Note: You cannot play Quest Mode with Dave's Cultsmen.
Chassey Blue: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Astronaut Bob O., Garbage Man, and Agent R. Chase.
Padre Destino: Complete all objectives in quest mode with Chassey Blue.
Dusty 'Earth': Complete all objectives in quest mode with Padre Destino.
Note: you cannot play Quest Mode with Dusty 'Earth'.

Hint: Use unlocked cars as players two, three, or four:
Unlock the desired characters as player one in one player quest or two player quest. Save the game on VMU one. Exit the game and copy the file from VMU one to VMU two, three, and/or four. Start the game and the load file from VMU one and VMU two, three, and/or four. All characters that have been loaded will be able to play as the unlocked cars.

Hint: Launch Site weapons:
Go to the tower in the middle of the Launch Site level. Approach to the tunnel that does not go through and wait until the lights above are green beforine driving in. You will be taken up on to the tower and a booster rocket will be placed on back of your vehicle. Then, you will be shot into the air and dropped. Collect the weapons, that include specials and radar jammers. This may be repeated as much as needed, unless the tower is destroyed.

Hint: Quick start:
To rev up your engines for a quick start, press Gas + Brake. After revving up, you should do a wheelie. This is useful for a quick start and for getting up hills.

Hint: Fly higher:
Get the hover upgrade, then hold Gas and repeatedly press Up.

Hint: Extra salvage points:
Destroy your opponents with a special weapon to get triple salvage points.

To get 10 salvage points instead of 5, go to options and set the difficulty to 92 and bullet symbol to high. You will get 10 points for 1 symbol during game play.

Hint: Easy chassis:
Go to the options and turn the damage on high and the difficulty on low. Each icon will now be worth 7.

Hint: Alaskan Pipeline: Grind:
When you enter the level, head towards the water and you will pass between two pipes that go into the ground. Right after you go between them, turn left and you will see a ramp. Go up the ramp and turn left, then turn left again on to another oil silo. You should be looking across to another one. Slowly drive off it to land on the pipes, going into the ground to grind across them. You can do a 50-50 a 180 or car (board) slide.

Hint: Area 51: Launch nuclear missile:
Collect the hover upgrade in the second hanger (the one on the immediate right if you are player one). Then, blast through the back of the hanger and fly over the hill so the radar dishes detect you. When you hear the radar dish give off a signal and move, you have approximately twenty to thirty seconds to set off the nuclear rocket. Detach the hover upgrade and drive to the left of the Area 51 administration building. Use your machine guns to blast through the side doors. Drive through the building and pick up two special weapons and a wrench. Use your machine guns again to blast the other side doors. Once through the building, drive right and around the missile silo. You will see a green light overhead, indicating the missile launch is ready. Drive underneath the green light and the nuclear missile will launch. The missile will seek whomever you are locked on to and cause a good amount of damage. Note: Repeat the steps to do this as many times as desired.

Shoot out doors of the building and drive through. Half way through you will hear a small click. Drive to the lights by the silo your facing. If one is red and one is green, go under and the missile will launch. It will fly towards the car that is targeted. If the lights are both red, drive through again until you hear the click. There is a long reload time between missiles - one may not launch if one was very recently fired. The missiles also will not launch if the building is destroyed. Additionally, at least one satellite dish must be present to launch.

Hint: Arizona: Motorcycle launch:
Enable the "No gravity" code, destroy the observatory, then destroy the asteroid in the center. Destroy the ant. Drive to the center of the crater and wait for the next meteor to appear. When the meteor hits, you will be launched into the sky. Sometimes you will even be thrown entirely out of the level, in which case you will not be able to see yourself for about ten minutes before the game freezes.

Hint: Arizona: Big ant:
Destroy the observatory in Arizona and wait until the loud explosion. Examine the big crater in the middle of the level to find a big asteroid. Destroy the asteroid and a giant ant will emerge and shoot everyone in the level.

Destroy the ant, and stand in the middle of the crater. When the big rock appears, it will land on you and you will fly.

Hint: Arizona: Rolling donut:
Destroy the donut shop in the Arizona level without damaging the "Super Donut" on top. The donut will roll around the level destroying enemies. This may be done on each of the two donut shops in the level.

Hint: Arizona: Rocket:
Go to one of the gas stations in the Arizona level and shoot the rocket located there with your machine gun. It will launch and hit your enemy.

Hint: Arizona: Attacking police:
If you shoot the cop in the Arizona level he will attack you by ramming your vehicle.

Hint: Florida: Shark:
You can be attacked by a shark by getting the hydrofloater power ups and going next to a certain buoy.

Hint: Florida: Extra damage:
When using Bob O's special in the Florida level, a good spot to release when your special runs out is into the fans or jets. Be careful not to get yourself pulled into them. This will also buy you some time to get other weapons. This is also effective to launch enemies into the fans to complete that objective.

Hint: Louisiana: Ghosts:
Destroy the graves in the cemetery. Ghosts will appear and begin attacking.

If an enemy is close by when you destroy the tombs, the ghosts may attack the enemy instead of you.

When you destroy a tomb, drive very fast to the one next to it and also destroy it. If done correctly, there should be more than one ghost circling the ruins of a tomb. The ghosts will keep circling until they attack someone. You can get up to five ghosts this way, but you need to be very fast to outrun the them.

To escape from the ghosts without being attacked, drive into the deep water (the water that can you sink in and come out elsewhere). The ghosts cannot attack you.

Hint: Louisiana: Flood:
Approach the bridge (or dam) and shoot at the nearby wheel. It will start to spin and the bridge will begin to raise. Keep shooting until the bridge is completely raised. Repeat this at the other bridge. In a few seconds, it will start to flood.

Hint: Louisiana: Destroy enemies easier:
Choose someone that has a special that can send the enemies flying (Garbage Man, Convoy, etc.). Make sure that they get in the lake on the left. If near the bayou, it is the lake on the left; on the right if in the grave yard; or get them into the deep water. This is also useful in two player or quest mode. Note: You can also do this in the Florida level. Bump them into the shark, throw them in deep water, or attack them to take their floaters off.

Hint: Pennsylvania: Molten metal ooze:
Find the red-orange steel that sets you on fire if you touch it. Shoot it and it will melt, oozes across the river, and disappear. This is useful when enemies are on the other side.

Hint: Utah Ski Resort: Snow games:
There are three different snow games to play. If you do them properly, you will get extra power-ups, weapons, etc. Go to the top of the hill via ski lifts, or by just driving. The first game is a skiing type slalom (obtain the ski powerup first). Successfully slalom the blue/red flags. A winner's stand with power-ups will appear at the bottom, by the resort. The second is a ski slope/ramp. To get to the ramp, you must first drive into the tower at the top of the hill. Drive down the ramp as fast as possible. Once in the air, you can do tricks and get points for power-ups at the winner's stand. The last ski game is the luge, all the way on the left. Run the luge (with the ski powerup) and hit all the check points. Finish at the bottom and pick up power-ups at the winners stand. All these mini-games can be done as often as needed, but you must break your previous score in order to keep getting power-ups.

Hint: Utah Ski Resort: Going back up the ski jump:
Note: This trick is almost impossible, but can be done. Enable the "More speed" code. Take a car that has a medium or slow top speed, but good acceleration and go down the ramp of the ski jump. Launch off all the way to the opposite side and you will bounce off the edge in mid-air, just like in the Arizona level. On the way back, do a 180 and land back on the ramp. Hit the brakes right when you hit the ramp (if you do not do this, you will go straight through the jump). If done correctly, you can slowly accelerate the car up the ramp until you get to the tower. You will be able to go right down the tower or out the other side.

Hint: Fire all ammo:
Enable the "Rapid Fire" code, then begin game play. Get any gun, get close to an opponent, then rapidly tap Fire. The gun should fire all of its ammunition in about five seconds.

Hint: Brimstone Burner:
Equip the Brimstone Burner and have at least 16 fire "units". Find your enemy in the level and drive up to him until you have made contact with his vehicle. Launch the Brimstone Burner's Fire Wall (Right, Left, Down, Machine Gun) onto his vehicle. If done correctly, it will do a large amount of damage and sometimes instantly destroy the other vehicle.

Hint: Easy Whammies:
An easy way to get Whammies is to use Bob O's Special. While the enemy is still hooked on, change weapons and fire them . This works well with the Bruiser Cannon and Bull's Eye Missiles.

Hint: Whammie X4:
Play as Bob O and use your special. While they are attached, you can use the Cow Puncher Special to do a Whammie X4.

Hint: Double garbage truck:
If there are three garbage trucks, get one to use the Compactor on another garbage truck. Then, use your garbage truck to use the Compactor on the first truck that is already holding the other truck.

Hint: Soundtrack:
Start the Dreamcast without a disc to access the audio CD player. Insert the game disc and play tracks two and above to hear music from the game.

Hint: New car colors in two-player mode:
Start a one player arcade mode game. Choose a location and a car, but change the color of the car. Select your opponents and start the match. Win the match, and then quit. Start any type of two player match. Select the same car used in arcade mode. Start the match and your car should be the same color previously used.

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