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Snake Breeder

DirectX Visual Basic Source Code


Download: Snake Breeder 1.0 Executable: (2470KB) snakeBreeder.zip

Source Code: Snake Breeder 1.0 Source Code: (32KB) snakeBreederSourceCode.zip

This game is similar to the game nibbles which was written in q-basic. I decided to writte similar game for windows. Game play is realy simple. You play a role of a farmer who is breeding snakes. At the beginning you get one ever-hungry snake and your job is to feed the litle creature. The snake is getting bigger every time she eats something and after a while it isn't litle any more. When the snake eats 9 picies of food it grows up and you start raising your next snake. Every time you sucessfully raise a snake the breeding becomes more difficult. The snake dies if she crahes into some sort of obstacle eg.(wall, another snake) and you must start from the beginning. The game is over when the stock of your eggs runs out.

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