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Setting Up DirectSound


Here you go... some code to get it going and to shut it down, it should be simple enough to convert to C++ if you want. What comes next is adding code to load in a WAVE file (or some other type of sound file), parse it's header, then create a sound buffer that DirectSound can actually play.

#include "dsound.h"

extern HWND hMainWnd;  //handle to the window from the main windows program

static LPDIRECTSOUND lpDS; //pointer to the directsound object
/* This function will initialize Direct Sound */
/* it returns TRUE if it was successful or FALSE otherwise */
BOOL Sound_Init(void)
   if (DS_OK==DirectSoundCreate(NULL,&lpDS,NULL)) //create direct sound object
      //ok, DirectSound Object created, let's take control now...
      if (DS_OK==IDirectSound_SetCooperativeLevel(lpDS, hMainWnd, DSSCL_EXCLUSIVE))
         //MessageBox(hMainWnd,"Cooperative Level Succefully Set!","Good!!",MB_OK);
         return TRUE;
      else //SetCoop was unsuccessful, let's give up control
         MessageBox(hMainWnd,"Set Cooperative Level didn't Work!","BAD!!",MB_OK);
         return FALSE;
   else  //DSObj creation was unsuccessful
      MessageBox(hMainWnd,"Could Not Create Direct Sound Object","Error!",MB_OK);
      return (FALSE);
/*here's a simple function to shut down direct sound when you're done with it */
void Sound_Exit(void)
   if (lpDS)
      MessageBox(hMainWnd,"Sound was not initialized and cannot Exit!","Error!",MB_OK);
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