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Liquid Brain using Managed DirectX 9.0

By Stephen Gower

Source Code: BrainProject.zip 286 KB

Liquid Brain is a Managed DirectX animated example of hexagonally close packed spheres. In Hexagonally close packed formation, spheres are efficiently packed together so that each sphere is surrounded by 12 other spheres. For more information about close packed structures, visit: http://www.kings.edu/~chemlab/vrml/clospack.html

The spheres in the program are represented by the "Particle" class. Each particle is programmed to have up to 12 neighbor particles. The particles are programmed to prefer to be located close to each of its neighbors according to the close packing formation. When any particle is moved to a new location, it will attempt to re-establish the close packing and therefore will move toward it's neighbors. Likewise, the neighbors of that particle will also move to re-establish the close packed formation. The results is a very fluid and organic motion.

By examining the project code you should learn more about:

  • Creating Full screen or windowed Direct 3D projects
  • Applying textures to Mesh objects
  • Creating lights
  • Using matrix multiplication to scale, rotate and translate objects
  • Drawing Text to a Direct3d program

About the Author: Stephen Gower is a developer/programmer with 15 years IT experience. Stephen has worked on dozens of database driven internet/intranet projects for several companies including John Deere, Bandag Inc, Sprint PCS, ,Visual Logic, Bandag Inc, Sprint PCS, Factor14, bottomdollar.com, and Guy Carpenter. His skills include: C#, Java (8 yrs experience), EJBs, SQL, HTML, Javascript, XML, XSLT, Cold Fusion, Oracle, Apache, Tomcat, Silverstream, Weblogic, Macromedia Director (Lingo), Flash, Hypercard, Supercard. Stephen can be reached at:
stephen.gower@attbi.com or stephen.gower@comcast.com

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