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From Microsoft's DirectX Pages
view article Download the Latest DirectX SDK from Microsoft
Microsoft® DirectX® is a group of technologies designed to make Windows-based computers an ideal platform for running and displaying applications rich in multimedia elements, such as full-color graphics, video, 3-D animation, and surround sound.
view article Microsoft's DirectX Press Release News
DirectX News and Reviews: Read all about it: Peruse the news from Microsoft and independent sources about Microsoft DirectX®.
view article Microsoft's DirectX Technology Overview
Microsoft DirectX is an advanced suite of multimedia application programming interfaces (APIs) built into Microsoft Windows; operating systems. DirectX provides a standard development platform for Windows-based PCs by enabling software developers to access specialized hardware features without having to write hardware-specific code. This technology was first introduced in 1995 and is a recognized standard for multimedia application development on the Windows platform.
view article Vertex Shader Basics (DirectX 9.0 C++)
When in operation, a programmable vertex shader replaces the vertex processing done by the Microsoft Direct3D graphics pipeline.
view article Mathematics of Lighting (DirectX 9.0 C++ Archive)
The Microsoft Direct3D Light Model covers ambient, diffuse, specular, and emissive lighting. This is enough flexibility to solve a wide range of lighting situations.
view article Setting up DirectDraw 7
Provides instructions and source code for setting up a basic DirectDraw application.
view article BMP functions
view article Basics of DirectDraw Game Programming
Doug Klopfenstein, Microsoft Corporation, October 1997
view article DirectX-tasy
article on DirectX by Andre Lamothe. It provides the basics of DirectX along with all the code you need to get going. Perfect for introduction to DirectX. This will help you to learn DirectDraw
view article Source for DirectX-tasy
this is a simple program (.EXE included) that was written with the above article. It is a simple draw program that functions like an Etch-e-sketch.
view article DirectPlay Tutorial
A good introduction to DirectPlay, with a lot of source code examples.
view article Microsoft's DirectPlay 8.0 Overview
This article provides an overview of Microsoft DirectPlay 8, which represents a complete rewrite of the entire DirectPlay API. The interface now uses a push model for message delivery rather than the old pull model. The interface has built-in support for NAT and firewall traversal. DirectPlay 8 also introduces support for voice communications and provides multiple codecs allowing support for all types of connections. (10 printed pages)
view article Optimizing Audio Performance with DirectX
by Mark McCulley, Microsoft Developer Network Technology Group, August 26, 1996
view article Setting Up and Getting Direct Sound Going (in C)
some example code to get you started with direct sound
Source Code
view article Airplane War 0.1: Using C# and DirectX 9.0
This is a very basic flight simulator designed in C# with DirectX 9.0. It is expected to be buggy but has enough information to allow you to learn about the DirectX 9.0 managed code.
view article Brain Project - Liquid Brain using Managed DirectX 9.0
Liquid Brain is a Managed DirectX animated example of hexagonally close packed spheres. In Hexagonally close packed formation, spheres are efficiently packed together so that each sphere is surrounded by 12 other spheres.
view article Snake Breeder 1.0 (Visual Basic)
This game is similar to the game nibbles which was written in Q-basic. This was written in Visual Basic using DirectX
view article Space Break Out - 2D Game Developed using DirectX and C#
There are eight classes in total, one class that represents the main windows form, one class which encapsulates the main directx objects, five classes which deal with the game sprites and a class that represents the group of block sprites.
this developer only forum is an excellent resource to get questions answered.
view article DirectX Newsgroup: microsoft.public.directx
Subscribe to microsoft.public.directx
view article DirectX Newsgroup: microsoft.public.win32.programmer.directx
Subscribe to microsoft.public.win32.programmer.directx


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