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Official d20 System FAQs | Official Open Gaming License FAQs
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Using the d20 System in Your Game
Using the d20 System in Your Game

Official d20 System FAQs

The d20 System Concept FAQ
Why is Wizards of the Coast pursuing this strategy?, Could Wizards of the Coast decide to stop supporting the d20 System?, Does Wizards of the Coast want to destroy competition in the gaming industry?, Does Wizards of the Coast think that the d20 System is the only RPG that should be published?, Is the d20 System just another term for "Dungeons & Dragons"?, Does a d20 System game have to have classes and levels?, Does a d20 System game have to have Armor Class and hit points?, How will consumers learn about the d20 System Trademark?

d20 System Definitions FAQ
What is meant by the term "d20 System"?, How is the d20 System connected to Open Gaming?, How do I get more information about Open Gaming?, Who owns the d20 System?, Can I use the "d20 System" trademark without a license from Wizards of the Coast?, What is the d20 System Trademark License?, What is the d20 System Logo Usage Guide?, What is the d20 System Trademark logo?, What parts of Dungeons & Dragons are Open Game Content?, What parts of Star Wars are Open Game Content?, How do I get a copy of the Open Gaming License, the d20 System Trademark License, the d20 System Usage Guide, the d20 System Trademark logo, or the System Reference Document?

d20 System Trademark License FAQ
Whatís the "confirmation card"?, Why is there a separate "Guide"?, What are the "Licensed Articles"?, What does "cure period" mean?, How will I know if a new version of the Trademark License is released?

d20 System Trademark Logo Guide FAQ
How will I know if a new version of the Guide is released?, How do I refer to Star Wars d20 products?, Does the definition of an "Interactive Game" preclude me from creating a character generator?, Why are the Defined Terms so tied to D&D?, Can I define a new ability?, Can I use a different method of determining ability scores?, Can I define a new class?, Can I reference the Player's Handbook or any other published d20 product?, Do I have to tell people to use the D&D Player's Handbook?, Can I say that my product requires the Dungeon Master's Guide or other D&D books?, Can I say that my product requires the Star Wars Roleplaying Game?, Can you explain in more detail what the section titled "d20 System Trademark Logo Usage Requirements" means?

System Reference Document FAQ
What's missing from the SRD compared to the core D&D rulebooks?, Can I use the SRD verbatim?, Could I publish the whole thing?, There's a lot of material in the SRD that seems too simple to copyright or comes from the public domain. Why does Wizards of the Coast call the whole thing Open Game Content (OGL)?, I've found an error in the SRD. Who should I contact?, Will Wizards of the Coast incorporate my Open Game Content into the System Reference Document?

Official Open Gaming License FAQs

Open Game Definitions FAQ
What is meant by the term "Open Gaming"?, Why use the term "Open Gaming"?, Why create Open Games?, Is Open Gaming restricted to just RPGs?

The Open Gaming Foundation FAQ
What is the Open Gaming Foundation?, Who owns the Open Gaming Foundation?, What is the connection between the OGF and Wizards of the Coast?

The Open Game License
What is the Open Game License?, Where can I read the text of the OGL?, What does "potation" mean?, What are the penalties for violating the terms of the License?

Other Licenses
How about the GNU licenses?, There are lots of Open Source software licenses. Can those be used to create Open Games?, How about the Dominion Rules License?, What about the October Open Game License?, What about the FUDGE License?, What about GURPS Lite or FUZION?, How do I use various Open Game licenses in a joint project?


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