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General FAQs & Walkthroughs
Official Strategy Guide - Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

Perhaps the most celebrated series in console history makes its way to the next generation. This game has garnered much attention in the graphics department, however, all the action/adventure elements still remain.

Game References
References in Wind Waker to other Games such as Zelda: A Link to the Past and Pikmin.

Glitches, Bugs, Defects
Fun glitches, bugs and defects in the game that allow you to do weird things.

Game Script
Just like a movie script, you can read all the lines from Wind Waker.

General Faq
by simalcrum

The Wind Waker Walkthrough (99KB)
Written by Jason Howell of ZeldaNine.com

In-Depth FAQs, Hints, Cheats, Secrets, Codes

Action Replay Codes
A huge list of Action Replay Codes for Wind Waker!

Bag Items
This is a list of the different items that you can keep in your bags. Currently, I only have the Spoils Bag and Bait Bag items up. I'm still debating over how to display the Delivery Bag items, and whether or not I should keep the trading sequence as a separate entity. Stay tuned for updates!

Barterable Item List and Locations
Introduction, Basics of Theft and Items In Depth

Boss Faq
If you have played the some games in the Zelda series, then you've probably seen most of the bosses in this game in some form or another.

Boss Guide
This is the beginnings of a boss list for Wind Waker. I haven't fought all of the bosses yet, but I've got some strategies for the ones that I've beaten. The unfortunate part is that I don't know the official names of the bosses, so I'm making them up as I go.

Bottles Faq
Here's a guide to getting the 4 bottles in the game: none of them are particularly difficult to get, so this is just a guide to help people get the bottles earlier and to spare you from having to look for them yourselves.

Defeating Bosses & Enemies
Hints and Tips on how to defeat certain Bosses and monsters.

Fairy Upgrades
There are eight different possible fairy encounters in Wind Waker -- and each leaves you with a very helpful upgrade.

Fish Clue List
A list of all the clues those fish give you when you feed them bait, sorted by location small fry!

Great Fairy Locations
These are the locations of the Great Fairies. I think I found the all, but my magic meter is still small so there may be an update here sometime in the future. I have them grouped by what they give you, as I felt this would be a good way to display them.

In-Depth FAQs, Hints, Cheats, Secrets, Codes

Heart Piece Locations
This is a guide to all the Heart Pieces that I've found so far. It's rather small at this point, but hopefully it can be helpful nonetheless. Stay tuned for updates!

Items List
This is the beginnings of the item list. What this list has are the items that I've collected which appear in the menu screen. All save the items that are kept in your bags, I've made a separate page for those.

Music & Songs
Alternate background music, NBC theme song, Prelude of Light song, Healing signs, and the Six Wind Waker Songs.

New Costumes and DX Camera
If you finish the game you unlock a few features and items.

Photo Quest FAQ
Talk to the Lenzo, the photographer, check out his photos upstairs, and show him some pictures of your own, and he will soon sign you on as an apprentice (he will do so once he's standing behind the counter). He will instruct you to take specific pictures. Make sure your camera isn't full and get the following shots.

Pirate Ship Password
Many of you who are playing the Japanese version of Wind Waker have run into a slight language problem: how to get into the pirate ship once it's anchored at Taura (Windfall) Island.

Secrets, Hints & Codes
Huge List of secrets areas and items you would never discover by yourself, hints and codes.

Songs List
This is a list of all of the songs you can learn for your Wind Waker, complete with information on how to get them.


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