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Highly Recommended Programming Links
view article GameDev.Net
One of the best out there, you must visit this site
view article Programmer's Heaven
Home of the Developers
view article Cprogramming.Com
Cprogramming.com is a web site designed to help you learn C or C++ and provide you with C and C++ programming resources.
Online Magazines Links
view article Dr. Dobb's Journal
Software Tools for the Professional Programmer
view article Game Developer Magazine
On the Front Line of Game Innovation
view article MSDN Magazine
The Microsoft Journal for Developers
view article Software Development
The Lifecycle Starts Here
view article C++ Zone @ DevX
view article Windows Developer's Magazine
Application Development From Windows To Web
Miscellaneous Programming Links
view article Fastgraph - Programmer's Graphics Library
Fastgraph is a programmer's graphics library, meaning it is low-level (assembly language) code you can use in your program to create things like graphics primitives, bitmaps, animation, and 3D rendering. Fastgraph supports most video modes, graphics chipsets and compilers. It is easy to use, small, quick, well-documented, and compatible with most other programming toolkits. Fastgraph makes graphics programming easy!
view article Numerical Recipes in C++
view article East Coast Games
DirectX programming and more.
view article Amit's Game Programming
view article AppDev
(Application Developers)


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