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Java Programming Tutorials
view article Part 1 - Getting Started
Baldwin introduces you to the Java Collections Framework. Once you learn how to use it, you'll never need to reinvent common data structures and algorithms again.
view article Part 2 - What Is a Collection?
Baldwin explains some of the details surrounding the use of a Java collection for creating data structures.
view article Part 3 - Purpose of Framework Interfaces
There are six core interfaces in the Collections Framework. Each interface declares several methods and provides a contract that applies to each declared method. The method declarations and their associated contracts specify the general behavior of matching methods in the classes that implement the interfaces.
view article Part 4 - Purpose of Implementations and Algorithms
Baldwin explains that the core collection interfaces in the Java Collections Framework allow collections to be manipulated without regard for how they are implemented.
view article Part 5 - The Core Collection Interfaces
The Java Collections Framework defines six core interfaces, in two distinct trees. Learn the inheritance structure and the purpose of those interfaces.
view article Part 6 - Duplicate Elements, Ordered Collections...
In this lesson Baldwin shows you that all concrete implementations in the Java Collections Framework (JDK 1.3) implement a subinterface of the Collection interface.
view article So you'd like to ... learn to program Java
A guide by kellbot, Computer Programer. (Amazon.Com)
view article So you'd like to... Learn Java
A guide by John Smiley, Programming Instructor. (Amazon.Com)
view article So you'd like to... Learn About Java Servlets
A guide by Daniel Richardson, Technical Editor, Wrox Press. (Amazon.Com)
The Java Game Programming Tutorial
view article Part 1: What About Applets?
view article Part 2: What About Threads?
view article Part 3: What About Images?
view article Part 4: What About Double Buffering?
view article Part 5: What About Image Filters?


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