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Source Code | Programming Using .NET | Introduction to C# and .NET

view article Airplane War 0.1: Using C# and DirectX 9.0
This is a very basic flight simulator designed in C# with DirectX 9.0. It is expected to be buggy but has enough information to allow you to learn about the DirectX 9.0 managed code.
view article ChessyOnline 1.0: An Online and Network Chess Game using C# and .NET
The attached project is a chess game that can be played by two users online as well as on the network. This game is being developed using GDI+, multithreading, and networking classes provided by the .NET Framework class library.
view article Eater Game in C# and .NET (Pac-Man Clone)
This is a simple game written in C# in which the user moves a packman like player around the form and gobbles up red dots. The object is to get all the dots in as quick a time as you can. The design for the game is shown below:
view article Eater Game II in C# and .NET (Pac-Man Clone)
This program combines the designs of the EaterGame and the Maze Generation Program to create a more challenging game, Eater Game II. In this game, you move a pacman-like character through a maze and eat as many stones as you can before time runs out.
view article FreeCell Game using Windows Forms
FreeCell is an implementation of the FreeCell card game using Windows Forms. The card graphics is accessed using "cards.dll" (some code from the net whose source I have lost). The objective of the game is to move all the cards in sequence to their final destination.
view article Generating Mazes using C# and .NET
This article focuses on how to generate a maze using the depth first search algorithm. This is a very simple but clever algorithm that creates a maze by randomly stripping one available wall between two cells for every cell in the grid.
view article Hangman Using C# and .NET
Hangman was created to illustrate several features of C# including GDI+, string manipulation, array processing, using properties, as well as simple creation of objects. As you can see from the diagram above, there are 5 main objects to the design.
view article Maze Solver: Using Multiple Threads to Improve Performance
This algorithm works by repeatedly looping through the maze, blocking off any dead ends encountered. Each iteration of the loop gets us closer until finally, there are no more dead ends, only the solution to the maze. This solution is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The more people you have working on it, the faster it will get done...sort of.
view article Missile Command using C# and .NET
Missile Command .NET is a simple video game written in C# using GDI+ for graphics. It's a tribute to the classic Missile Command game by Atari. I wrote this game to teach myself more about programming in C#.
view article PaintBrush in C#
This is a paintbrush application, which demonstrates the different aspects of C# language and certain namespaces. The concepts like EventHandling and class designs are also present.
view article Space Break Out - 2D Game Developed using DirectX and C#
There are eight classes in total, one class that represents the main windows form, one class which encapsulates the main directx objects, five classes which deal with the game sprites and a class that represents the group of block sprites.
view article Space Invaders in C# and .NET
Yes, the classic arcade game has returned and is appearing in C# Corner complete with sound and authentic aliens and source code. It's not quite as good as the real game, but with a few adjustments it can get there.


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