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Source Code | Programming Using .NET | Introduction to C# and .NET

Programming Using .NET
view article Data Types and Programming Constructs in C#
In this article, we will examine the fundamentals of the C# language, which include the following: Data Types and Variables and Programming Constructs
view article Exception Handling in C#
In this article, you will learn about the usage of various exception handling statements in C# with the help of relevant listings. Trapping and handling of runtime errors is one of the most crucial tasks ahead of any programmer. But, before discussing runtime errors, let's look at compile time errors, which are errors that occur during compilation time. They may be due to bad coding, misspelling of syntaxes, and so on. They can be corrected by studying the error messages and warnings the compiler produces.
view article Event Handling in C#
Actions and events serve an important part in every GUI-based application. These are equally important in the same way because we are arranging components using either Visual Studio .NET or by applying codes. It's these actions that instruct the program what to do when something happens.
view article Graphics Programming in C#
Like Java, C# provides us with a rich set of classes, methods and events for developing applications with graphical capabilities.
view article Working With Arrays in C#
In C#, arrays are derived from the System.Array class. There are lot of properties and methods in this class; we can manipulate these for our programming tasks. Arrays in C# are declared in the same fashion as in Java or C++; they can be either single- or multidimensional.
view article Working With Files in C#
In this article, you will learn how to manipulate directories and files in your system. Further, we will discuss how to read from and write to a file by using the powerful .NET classes.
view article Working With Interfaces in C#
To rectify the drawback of multiple inheritance, the creators of C# have introduced a new concept called interfaces. Java programmers may be well aware of this concept. All interfaces should be declared with the keyword interface. You can implement any number of interfaces in a single derived class, but you should provide signatures to all method definitions of the corresponding interfaces.
view article Working with Structures, Enumerations, and Inheritance in C#
In this article, we will examine the concept behind Structures, Enumerations, and Inheritance in C# with the help of relevant examples. In the end, you will also learn about Abstract Classes in C#.
Mutli-Threading in C#
view article Part 1: Multi-Tasking and Multi-Threading
In this article we would learn what threads are and why they are needed.
view article Part 2: Understanding the System.Threading.Thread Class
In this article we will study the .NET threading API, how to create threads in C#, start and stop them, define their priorities and states.
view article Part 3: Thread Synchronization
Gradually, as you start picking up the threads of multi-threading, you would feel the need to manage shared resources. The .NET framework provides a number of classes and data types that you can use to control the access to shared resources.
view article Part 4: The ThreadPool, Timer classes and Asynchronous Programming
In this article, I would discuss few more .NET classes and how and what role do they play a role in building multithreading applications.


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