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3D Free Objects | 3D Commercial Objects | Graphic Design

3D Graphics Programming & Development
view article 3D Programming Faq
The code examples included in this FAQ will most likely be in C with pseudo-code in comments.
view article 3D Rotations For Computer Graphics
One of the most difficult programming difficulties you will face is that of representing a 3D world on that 2D screen in front of you. This FAQ requires some linear alegbra, and explains the mathmatical computations of using matricies and other equations.
view article 3D Shading In Computer Graphics
The companion to 3D Rotation, this one will build upon these concepts. This file will cover such important topics as the Dot Product and how routines are best constructed for real-time 3D rotations and planar shading.
view article Algorithms FAQ
FAQ for comp.graphics.algorithms!
view article Animation FAQ
Computer animation is a large and growing field, and people want different things from it; this FAQ tries to cover all bases, and as a result is rather thin on many of them!
view article BSP Tree FAQ
The purpose of this document is to provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Binary Space Partitioning (BSP) Trees.
view article Computer Graphics FAQ
This document answers a number of the most frequently asked questions about graphics on the Internet.
view article Doom Style 3D Engine Techniques
By Brian 'Neuromancer' Marshall
view article Graphics Algorithms
A plethora of information.
view article Graphic File Formats FAQ
This FAQ list contains information on graphics file formats, including raster, vector, metafile, Page Description Language, 3D object, animation, and multimedia formats.
view article Information on the Z-Buffer Algorithm
The Z-buffer algorithm, invented by E. Catmull, has been around since the 1970's. Because of it's simplicity, and because it can handle just about any 3D primitive, it has become the number one choice for hardware accelerated 3D boards. Only recently however, have PC developers started to look at the Z-buffer algorithm as an alternitive to depth-sorted algorithms. This is mainly because of the increased memory and speed of the modern PC.
view article Limiting the Isometric Display
A tile based game is often presented with the problem of limiting what to display for the player. This is required to stop the player from seeing through walls and thereby giving away secret areas.
3D Graphics Programming & Development
view article More About Shading, Z-Buffer, and Textures
The degenerated Gouraud's: Z-gouraud, distance-based Gouraud, Phong shading, Z-buffer, texture mapping, many other more advanced techniques like: environment/reflection mapping, bump mapping, A-buffer and more.
view article Polygons - The Complete HOW TO of Polygons
"After receiving numerous requests to do so, I have compiled a HOW TO doc on polygon filling. It seems that a lot of people out there are a lot like myself, they really dislike using other people's code because it is extremely difficult to figure out, especially if it is highly optimized." By Voltaire/OTM.
view article Raytracing FAQ Part 1
This is the comp.graphics.rendering.raytracing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) List. It's not the most definitive ray tracing reference you'll ever come across, but then, it was never meant to be. What it does set out to do is to answer some of the questions which keep cropping up on c.g.r.r and to give pointers to other references.
view article Raytracing FAQ Part 2
This is part 2 of the comp.graphics.rendering.raytracing Frequently Asked Questions list.
view article Realtime Shadow FAQ
This doc does assume you have good knowledge of 3D, Volumes, and rasterizers. Finally, this doc does not deal with soft shadows, nor does it deal with pre-generated shadows through cached Texture maps.
view article Renderman FAQ
view article Rotating Bitmaps
How to quickly rotate a bitmapped image by an arbitrary angle.
view article Scrolling Techniques
How to do scrolling using either X-mode (and associated variants) and standard mode 13h (not hard but I thought I'd put it in anyway :) as well as the basics of parallax scrolling...
view article Tile-Based Games FAQ version 1.2
This FAQ emphasizes on the style of graphics similar to those used in U6 and U7 by Origin. Many of the techniques presented are aimed at systems with limited memory and/or speed like PCs with a 640K barrier; but this document also includes alternative methods and suggestions on how to code for less restrictive systems. By Greg Taylor
view article Tile Graphics Techniques 1.0
This document will cover graphics in the style of Ultima VI. It also discusses many of the same techniques that Greg Taylor covered in his Tile-Based Games FAQ. By Jason McIntosh


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