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3D Commercial Objects | 3D Graphics Programming | Graphic Design

Free 3D Objects & Models
view article 3d02.Com
02 is a 3d model library, which houses models in different categories for instant download and professional use. They have Free Samples.
view article 3D Cafe
.3ds .wrl .prj
view article 3D Cat
Very nice collections of .LWO models, including trains and airplanes.
view article 3D Daily Library
VRML Models
view article 3D Focus
Information, Tutorials, Objects, and Links pertaining to Impulse's Imagine 3D and Metacreation's Poser 4 and Painter 3D.
view article 3D Majik Studios
Majik has many high quality commercial and free models and scenes available in 3DS Max format.
view article 3drealms.co.il
Free fantasy and historical meshes avaiable, just go to their download section.
view article Amazing 3D
S, MAX, VRML Objects. Lot's for free.
view article AxiomX
Quality Originals - Music, Art, Software (truspace .cob format)
view article Baumgarten Enterprises
Poser Parts: Web's largest collection of free Poser Parts and Acc'ys. Poser Hair, Poser Clothes, Poser Anatomy, Poser Accesories, Various.
view article Hammer Visual Engineering
Lots of useful wrl objects
view article Cult 3D
view article Cygnus 3D
Imagine Objects
view article Digital Producer
Lightwave and 3DS Models.
view article Dreams and Magic Entertainment Digital Studios
Over a dozen free meshes, lots of textures, and web art. There's also a subscription area opening up that will contain 30 or so new meshes each month and several hundred textures/web art.
view article Electric Image
.hqx format (Mac)
view article FAWS
Quite large collection of 3D Objects in various categories.
view article Flash Fire Designs
view article Foop CGI: Where Dreams become a reality
A bunch of homemade .LWO models available to download
view article Free 3D Models of Great Buildings
DesignWorkshop sit format. Large collection of famous buildings from around the world.
view article G'Kane Babylon 5 Models
Lot's of Lightwave models from the Babylon 5 Series.
view article Impulse
Makers of Imagine have a few free objects.
view article JASON Project VRML
Planet Earth wrl
view article Metacreations Infini-D-Models
Free 3D Objects & Models
view article The Movie Mesh Site
selection of .3ds format 3d Studio objects created by D Proctor inspired from some famous movies. All the objects on this site are free and may be D/L'ed by clicking on its picture.
view article NightCrafts Lair
A few 3D Max objects available: Simple Jet,Lazer Pistol,Nice Skeleton,Starship Cruiser, Sub-Machine Gun
view article OFF2VRML Site
A few dozen .WRL objects
view article Mr. Furniture
A complete 3D Model Gallery for Furniture, see their selection of Free Models
view article Paradigm Productions
(Lots of Lightwave Models)
view article Pixelizer's Truespace objects
.cob format
view article POV-Ray CDROMs
.3ds, .dxf, .raw, .pov, .mdl
view article Silver Wings
Some of these High Quality aircraft models are free. Many different formats.
view article StarTrek Next Generation Renderman
view article Stanford
(Space Shuttle objects: .off).
view article Timo Vaisanen
Sony Playstation, Sterio speaker, cassette tape Caligari 3D Objects (.cob)
view article University of Virginia: ALICE Project
ALICE 3D Objects
view article The Virtuum
view article VRML WebOOgl Zoo
.wrl .oogl
view article William LeFlic
Some free lightwave objects.
view article WWI Objects
view article WWII Models
Some nicely done WW2 models in MAX format.


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