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3D Free Objects | 3D Graphics Programming | Graphic Design

Commercial 3D Objects & Models
view article 3D Cafe
3D Cafes extensive collections of 3D Objects
view article 3D Cafe: Animal Kingdom
150 of the most dangerous 3D Animals around. Of course, you'll find some of the friendliest animals also, for use in your next animation. Detailed textured 3D Animal models that include Dinosaurs, Sea life, Mammals, Birds, and Reptiles.
view article 3D Cafe: Blocks and Materials 2
Blocks & Materials 2 contains over 1,000 detailed 3D models in DXF, DWG, 3DS and MAX formats. These models -- which include furniture, fixtures, vehicles, office equipment and more -- are render-ready, and contain pre-assigned texture and opacity maps to give you a head start.
view article 3D Cafe: Collections
view article 3D Cafe: Heads and Hair
Collection includes 5 male and 5 female heads with hairstyles made to fit on the Mix N' Match bodies!
view article 3D Toon Shop
High quality cartoon model at a affordable price. LW, 3DS, MAX
view article 4Real 3D Model Warehouse
Small model collections with characters, vehicles and other topical meshes.
view article Abscissa
Furniture, Cars and People 3D models. Surface models created using AutoCAD® 12. Polyface meshes and 3Dfaces. Compact size, optimal utilization of blocks & layers for fast regen times.
view article Amazing 3D Graphics
3D Models in various categories, in most popular formats
view article Art Recon Inc.
RECON3D new series of 3D Object Collections. Vol.1 available with over 200 royalty free 3D models dedicated to the Greek and Roman Art. 3ds, lwo, obj, dxf, dmf avilable on 2 CD-ROMs with printed catalog. High quality models, historically accurate, for film and broadcast production, 3D design, web and game development, animation, architecture and 3D visualization.
view article Cache Force
3D Humans and Architecture CDs (3DS, DXF, VRML)
view article Credo Interactive: Power Models
New from the makers of Life Forms, the PowerModels 3D character collection gives you the freedom and flexibility of ready-to-animate models! With a solid collection of over 40 ready-to-use models PowerModels provides a firm foundation for your character animation needs.
view article Crestline Software
Humanoid model kits with direct motion support for 3d studio, imagine and lightwave.
view article Cybazaar: The Bazaar in Cyberspace
1,068 models and 1,200 textures. Some free, but most have a reasonable price tag.
view article Dedicated Digital
Animal Kingdom,The Populace, Work Force, Visual Medicine, Accident Reconstruction, Character Creator, City Builder! The UNIVERSAL 3DCD is TEN 3D object libraries on one CD-ROM. Over 450 custom 3D models in Lightwave3D, DXF, and 3D Studio formats, compatible with most popular 3D animation programs on PC, Mac, Amiga, and SGI Platforms. Excellent content to fill out your next animation project. Including REAL explosions, flame image sequences, and clouds for special effects compositing.
view article DIMENSIONS Design Inc., SmartParts(TM) 3D Objects Collection
SmartParts 3D Objects for ArchiCAD series are developed to increase the usefulness of ArchiCAD as a design and production tool.
view article Dimensional Expressions: 3D Bugs
If you like "Antz," this is a CD for you! It's a collection of bugs (ants, bees, fleas, flies, and other crawling things) in LightWave scene, object, image, and motions files. Works withLightWave 5.0 and up and with Inspire 3D, with some limitations.
Commercial 3D Objects & Models
view article Dynamic Realities - Movie Models
Vol 1: Aviation. 21 High quality aircraft models
view article Flash Fire Designs
Provides affordable 3D computer models, 3D scenes, custom 3D model design, VRML ("Virtual Reality Models, VR Scene Design)
view article MeshFactory: Simly the Best 3D Models...
Affordable photo-realistic models in MAX, 3DS, OBJ, and now Lightwave formats. Purchase a 1-year membership and download all the models FREE! Credit Cards accepted.
view article MetaCreations Parts and Props
3D objects that supercharge your Poser 2 figures and scenes. Parts & Props is a collection of 100 ready-made 3D objects that add pizzazz to your Poser 2, Detailer, Ray Dream Studio, Bryce, and Infini-D creations. You get everything from briefcases to park benches, hair for your Poser figures, sports items, glasses, tools like a hammer or pliers and lots more. In Poser 2, you can even replace body parts with these props for the wildest new customized characters! This special collection was specifically designed by Zygote Media Group for Poser 2.
view article Replica 3D Collections
Interior Design Collection, The Wright Collection, The Camelot Collection, The Dolphin Collection Vol.1, The Dolphin Collection Vol.2 Available for LightWave, Infini-D, Strata StudioPro and 3D Studio/MAX
view article StarBase C3
view article Viewpoint Datalabs
Professional's choice for 3D models.
view article Xacta 3-D Mesh Hardware Objects
Custom .3ds Mesh - 3-D Object Hardware Libraries For Engineering and Industrial Design Applications
view article Zygote Media Group
Good collection of character models


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