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Path Finding Algorithms
view article Coordinated Unit Movement
While pathfinding is a hot industry buzzword, it's only half of the solution. Movement, the execution of a given path, is the other half of the solution. For real-time strategy games, movement goes hand in hand with pathfinding and is a critical aspect to intelligent NPCs. Here's a lesson from one of the programmers of Age of Empires.
view article Floyd's All Pairs Shortest Path Algorithm
Graph algorithms work on nodes and edges. Nodes and edges are represented in many ways. This well-known algorithm uses a connectivity matrix. The matrix is a square matrix with the number of columns and rows the same as there are Nodes.
view article Motion Planning Using Potential Fields
Describes several pathfinding techniques using potential fields that can sometimes be used in places of the popular A* algorithm.
view article Pawn Captures Wyvern: How Computer Chess Can Improve Your Pathfinding
There have been numerous papers published on how to improve the A* pathfinding algorithm. Some of these papers have come from ex-computer chess practitioners, who have been dealing with optimizing different search algorithms for the last thirty years. This paper will attempt to summarize some of these enhancements to A*, and show you why you would want to consider a "computer chess" style A* approach the next time you have to implement A*.
view article Smart Move: Path-Finding
The shortest path isn't always the most efficient. Discover ways to give opponents some path-finding smarts.
view article Toward More Realistic Pathfinding
Few things will jar players out of their immersion in a game faster than sloppy-looking AI. While sufficient CPU cycles are increasingly available to help craft better AI/player interaction, relatively few advancements have been made in recent years in game pathfinding. Pinter walks you through some modifications to the A* algorithm that can refine the movements of your game's units.


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